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The Estate Implode! It’s Cousin vs Cousin Crusher in Essendon!

In 2014, we saw the debut of a man who was touted as having the biggest upside for any rookie in Melbourne City Wrestling history; none other than Emanuelle. For months, he was undefeated in MCW, thanks in no small part to “Cousin” Ali, who had his back along the way.

As time went on, Emanuelle and Cousin Ali would be the main kingpins in The Estate, but in March, their legacy unravelled, as they first lost the MCW Tag Team Championships to Juice-X-T, but they would then losetheir manager, Sebastian Walker, in a rematch at Ballroom Brawl the following month.

After a third straight defeat, it was Cousin Ali who took matters into his own hands. Sick of taking orders from Emanuelle, Ali attacked his former partner, leaving him lying in the middle of the ring with rib damage.

Now known simply as Ali, the behemoth has told the world that he is now a one man army, hell bent on climbing the ladder by himself. Ali will have his first chance to do that at MCW Hostile Takeover on June 11 at the MCW Arena in Essendon.

Will Ali be able to strike out on his own? Or will Emanuelle, himself no doubt seething at being pinned in consecutive matches and losing everything that he has amassed in his two year career, put a stop to his former brethrens intended path of dominance?

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