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Behemoths Clash in Super Heavyweight Championship Challenge!

Jonah Rock became the third ever MCW Intercommonwealth Champion in May, after defeating Dowie James under dubious circumstances, and as a result, the monster of TMDK has been more of a marked man than we first thought possible.

But in his first title defense, Jonah Rock took the easy way out, in the most violent way imaginable, as he smashed a beer bottle over the head of Mr Juicy, leaving him a bloody mess, and rendering the championship opportunity null and void.

Following that incident, Jonah proclaimed his dominance over the entire Melbourne City Wrestling roster, daring anyone to step up to try and take the championship away from him. Enter the man formerly known as Cousin Ali.

Since breaking away from Emanuelle, Ali has had a renewed focus, and that new outlook, combined with his incredible size and strength, may well make him MCW’s dark horse in order to try and bring the Intercommonwealth Championship back home to Melbourne City Wrestling.

Ali will have the chance to claim his first singles championship at MCW Winter Warfare on Saturday July 9th in Essendon, but will he be the first man to overcome the monster Jonah Rock? Or will the TMDK mainstay once again manage to retain the championship, by ANY means necessary?

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