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MCW Hostile Takeover 2016 Results: Did MCW Fend Off TMDK?

Ali def. Emanuelle

Lochy Hendricks (w/Krackerjak) def. Mike Burr

Three Way Dance:
Josh Shooter def. Mark Davis & Robbie Eagles

#1 Contenders Four Corners Elimination Match:
pAnic (Syd Parker & Benny Factor) def. Preston & Payne, Man United (Vance Adams & Campbell Crawford) and Bury & Waterman to become #1 Contender’s to the MCW Tag Team Championships!

Demi Bennett & Erika Reid def. Shazza McKenzie & Charli Evans (w/Jordan)

MCW Intercommonwealth Championship:
Jonah Rock (c) vs. Mr. Juicy ended in a No Contest.

MCW vs. TMDK Tag Team Main Event
TMDK (Hartley Jackson & MCW Tag Team Champion Slex) def. MCW Heavyweight Champion Elliot Sexton & Dowie James.

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Thanks to ‘Australian Victorian Wrestling’ for recording the results.

Photo Credit: Cory Lockwood Photography.

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