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TMDK Vs. MCW: Hot Tag Team Main Event on June 11th!

The war between MCW and TMDK has shown no signs of slowing down, and at MCW Hostile Takeover on June 11, we will see arguably the four key players in this fight for brand supremacy in tag team action, as Elliot Sexton and Dowie James face Hartley Jackson and Slex.

Slex, not only turned his back on Melbourne City Wrestling at Ballroom Brawl, but he also cost Dowie James his MCW Intercommonwealth Championship only two weeks after he regained it from Adam Brooks in a brutal TLC match. In addition, Sexton and Jag are yet to reach a definitive winner in two straight MCW Heavyweight Championship matches.

Will we see Melbourne City Wrestling finally get the upper hand in this rivalry against The Mighty Don’t Kneel? Or will TMDK continue to strengthen their stake as being Australia’s dominant brand of professional wrestling?

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