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TMDK to defend the Tag Team Gold at Winter Warfare

For months, we’ve seen TMDK run roughshod over the Melbourne City Wrestling roster. At MCW New Horizons in May, Marcius Pitt and Slex would capture the MCW Tag Team Championships, and would then go on to deface the gold, much to the dismay of many fans in attendance.

Since then, we’ve seen several younger members of the MCW roster begin to rally against the more experienced and world travelled members of The Mighty Don’t Kneel. Two of those are ‘The Jurassic Punk’ Syd Parker and ‘The Psycho Cowboy’, who have been plying their trade collectively as pAnic, elsewhere across the country. Now, these two competitors will have the chance to make the biggest mark of their careers so far. But the question remains – will they be able to do it at the expense of TMDK?

>> See pAnic compete for the MCW Tag Team Championships on Saturday July 9 at the MCW Arena in Essendon by pre-booking tickets here or by collecting them at the venue on the night.

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