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KrackerJak makes his official MCW in-ring return!

At Ballroom Brawl just over a month ago we witnessed the surprising return of KrackerJak, after being sidelined from Melbourne City Wrestling for over a year, and ‘The Mad Bastard’ got right back into the swing of things, as he attacked Preston and Payne, eliminating both men from the MCW Ballroom Brawl Rumble, as well as himself in the process.

Since then, KrackerJak has been using his Australian Wrestling Legends contract to its full advantage, targeting Preston and Payne at every opportunity, costing them matches in the process, whilst also serving as a mentor to Lochy Hendricks. Now, we’re proud to announce that KrackerJak will make his official in-ring return at MCW Winter Warfare on Saturday July 9th at the MCW Arena in Essendon. His opponent will be a man who has been on quite the win streak in recent months; none other than Josh ‘The Axe’ Shooter.

Shooter is undefeated in his last three matches for the company, but will that be enough to get one over the wily Mad Bastard? And given that we’ve seen a strange video pop up on Facebook from Preston and Payne, will we see the unpredictable tandem gain a measure of revenge? Or will KrackerJak once again outsmart them at their own game of psychotic behaviour?

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