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MCW Winter Warfare 2016 Results: Dowie James vs. Jag Hartley Jackson

Winter Warfare has just finished, and here are the quick results!

Gabriel Wolfe made his return to MCW, but was thwarted by Lochy Hendricks.
As usual Krackerjack, Lochy’s mentor, accompanied him to the ring. Before the match, Krackerjack decided to invite himself round to Lochy Hendrick’s Mums house to meet her.

Nick Bury & Mitch Waterman cheated Man United again.
Before the match started, Bury and Waterman offered to apologise to Man United for assaulting them back at Hotile Takeover. Man United came to the ring to accept the apology, but was subsequently cheap shotted from behind, hurting Vance Adams.

With Adams down for the majority of the match, Man United’s Campbell Crawford tried to fend off both Bury and Waterman. Unfortunately the numbers game was too much, and Bury and Waterman walked out with their first victory under their belt.

Avary and Erika Reid went to a no contest….
… after a returning Kelly Anne came out to assault Erika. Thankfully, a returning Evie also came out to chase Kelly Anne off.

To add to Ericka’s stress levels, former disgraced MCW commentator and general creep, Hawko, came out to offer “mouth to mouth resuscitation” to Ericka. Ericka was not amused, and left disgusted at his presumed advances.

Ali defeated Intercommonwealth Champion Jonah Rock… via DQ.
Jonah Rock certainly met his match against Ali, but when he realised Ali might of been too much for him to handle, Jonah Rock blasted Ali with a steel chain assisted punch to retain the championship via DQ.

After the match, Mr. Juicy returned and speared Jonah Rock off the stage, through the announcers table, before making his intention for the MCW Intercommonwealth Championship clear.

Adam Brooks made his return to MCW.
Adam Brooks seemingly made his return to MCW, seemingly to side with team MCW in their battle against TMDK. However, this turned out to be a ruse and Adam Brooks, showing no interest in the war, proceeded to berate his fellow competitors in the locker room.

This brought out Mike Burr who defended the locker room. This ultimately led to a physical confrontation that Brooks got the best of.

Josh ‘The Axe’ Shooter was pinned by the returning KrackerJak.
Despite his raw unadulterated power, Josh Shooter was pinned by KrackerJak after reversing a deadlift sit out powerbomb into a roll up.

After the match, Preston & Payne came out to address and threaten Krackerjack. KrackerJak, whilst wearing the jacket intended for Lochy Hendrick’s Mum, came prepare, and as Payne grabbed KrackerJak by the lapels, feel to his knees when it turned out the lapels had razor blades sawn into them.

KrackerJak strongly advised Preston & Payne to “drop it” before walking off.

In the main event, Dowie James bested Jag Hartley Jackson…
… despite attempted interference from Slex. Dowie James connected with three thrust kicks and then a top rope frog splash to pin the TMDK leader.

After the match, Elliot Sexton made peace with Dowie James, and Jag Hartley Jackson, frustrated at his loss, challenged Team MCW to a Caged Warfare match at a future MCW show.

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