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Two massive matches announced for MCW Fight to Survive

Throughout 2016, the rivalry between Melbourne City Wrestling and The Mighty Don’t Kneel has been one of the most violent and intense in company history. At the end of MCW Winter Warfare, Hartley Jackson demanded a Caged Warfare match (full results can be found here), which will take place in September at the MCW Arena. The ring (and ringside area) will be surrounded with a cage, with one competitor entering the fray every few minutes, until all members from all teams are in play. Only then can the match be won, and anything (and everything) is legal!

But before then, we will be steam rolling into that same building on Saturday August 13, as we present MCW Fight to Survive. And with that in mind, we have two matches between MCW and TMDK, one of which will have huge implications for Caged Warfare in September. That match will see Dowie James fighting Slex, who turned his back on Melbourne City Wrestling back in April, to join the TMDK invaders. Whoever wins the match will gain the advantage for their team at Caged Warfare – they will enter the match first, and will have the numbers advantage every time a member of the opposing team enters.

Dowie James and Slex are two of the very best wrestlers in Victoria. They'll compete on August 13 at Fight to Survive.

Dowie James and Slex are two of the very best wrestlers in Victoria. They’ll compete on August 13 at Fight to Survive.

The rivalry between Dowie James and Slex goes back over a decade. Throughout the first decade of the new millennium, they competed for championships as well as for pride. But with so much on the line, this may be the most important match they’ve had thus far!

In addition, we will see Jonah Rock defending his MCW Intercommonwealth Championship against Mr Juicy, after two months worth of violent attacks from both sides. These two warriors were scheduled to fight at MCW Hostile Takeover, but Jonah Rock would smash a beer bottle over the head of Mr Juicy, rendering him a bloody mess, and leaving management and the audience furious after the match was called off as a result. Juicy retaliated at MCW Winter Warfare, by obliterating a chair over the head of Jonah Rock and hitting a spear tackle on the Samoan Monster off the stage, through the commentary table several feet below.

With all of the violence and brutality that has been demonstrated during the MCW vs TMDK rivalry, the actions between Mr Juicy and Jonah Rock have been among the most incredible, and with the MCW Intercommonwealth Championship on the line, Mr Juicy has a very real chance of being able to follow up on the change that he has declared on behalf of his Melbourne City Wrestling brethren.

MCW Fight to Survive takes place on Saturday August 13, at the MCW Arena in Essendon. Tickets are on sale now, with front row already selling out in just under eleven hours! Tickets can be purchased directly by clicking this link, and we’ll be back with more fantastic match announcements in the coming weeks.

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