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Evie & Kelly Anne Return to MCW at Fight to Survive!

At MCW Winter Warfare, we saw the return of two mainstays within our womens division. As Erika Reid and Avary were having a match, Kelly Anne would cut the proceedings short, and commenced laying waste to Erika Reid, who is the only competitor thus far in Melbourne City Wrestling to hand her a defeat. The onslaught would be short lived though, as Evie would make her first appearance on Australian shores since November last year, seeking revenge on Kelly Anne herself, who defeated Evie at the Thornbury Theatre late last year.

MCW Management have determined that in the interests of trying to tie up several loose ends within the division, the best way to do so is to feature all four wrestlers in a tag team match! As a result, Kelly Anne will team with Avary, and they will go head to head with Evie and Erika Reid, at MCW Fight to Survive, which takes place at the MCW Arena in Essendon on Saturday August 13!

Tickets for this event are on sale now, with the front row already sold out, and the second row filling fast. We will also have tickets available at the venue on the night. Click this link to book your tickets in advance!

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