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Six Man Tag Match set for MCW Fight to Survive

Over the last couple of months, we’ve seen the Melbourne City Wrestling roster boosted by a stack of newcomers, determined to stake their claim within the promotion by any means necessary. Two of those wrestlers, Nick Bury and Mitch Waterman, have been turning heads for all the wrong reasons; after forming a fairly unassuming tandem soon after Ballroom Brawl, they had a change of heart, attacking fellow newcomers Man United with vicious punches while the gentleman duo’s backs were turned.

In addition, we’ve seen the return of some of MCW’s most recognisable faces, in particular Adam Brooks, who upon returning last month at Winter Warfare, declared he had no vested interest in the war between MCW and TMDK. That angered veteran wrestler Mike Burr, who tried to talk sense into Brooks, but was instead met with a similar attack when he wasn’t expecting it.

That event can be seen in full via MCW Encore by clicking this link.

As witnessed through a series of backstage segments on that DVD, it was Man United who approached Mike Burr, with the intent of trying to turn things around for the good guys, the working class, and we can now reveal that at MCW Fight to Survive on Saturday August 13th at the MCW Arena, we will see a six man tag team match, with Mike Burr joining Man United, as they face Adam Brooks, Nick Bury and Mitch Waterman!

We still have general admission tickets available for this event, and they can be purchased via this link.

We will also have more tickets available at the venue, once doors open on the night. With five matches now announced, this is shaping up to be another incredible night, as we march towards not only War Games in September, but our Sixth Anniversary Extravaganza in October, with details being announced for both events soon!

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