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Fight to Survive Quick Results: Who Walked Out As IC Champion?

The competitors of MCW were fighting for survival, championship glory, and the right to call themselves the best in Australian wrestling last night. Below are the quick results from the 2016 Fight to Survive.

Man United & Mike Burr defeated Adam Brooks, Mitch Waterman & Nick Bury

After a fast and furious start to Fight to Survive, Adam Brooks feigned an eye injury to leave the match and avoid Burr’s ire, which resulted in Man United hitting a double spinebuster to win the match.

Marcius Pitt vs. JXT

Although it looked like Pitt could of won the match, he was so preoccupied with urinating on JXT, that JXT got the roll up out of the blue to pick up the win.

Jake Andrewartha Contract Signing

Jake Andrewartha, the Australian Olympian, officially joined MCW by signing his contract live at the MCW Arena however. However festivities were spoilt when Ali came out to verbally dressed down the 9 time medal win, to dismiss his accomplishments.

Jonah Rock vs. Mr Juicy for the Intercommonwealth Championship

After a brutal match that saw both men give as good as they got, it was Mr. Juicy who finally prevailed, courtesy of a Candy Crusher, and in doing so now holds the Intercommonwealth Championship.

The Halftime Raffle, with Special Guests “The World’s Friendliest Bastards”

The World’s Bastard, aka Lochy Hendricks and KrackerJak, came out to give out the prizes for the evening’s raffle. Unfortunately, the raffle was gatecrashed by KrackerJak’s hated enemies, Preston & Payne. Preston & Payne bloodied and decimated Lochy Hendricks, whilst KrackerJak stood helplessly handcuffed to the ring ropes.

Brook Duncan vs. Syd Parker

In a exhibition contest at MCW, Brook Duncan returned to MCW to take on Syd Parker. In the battle of mind games, Parker tried to unnerve Duncan with his primordial bizarreness, whilst Duncan attempted to get in side the mind of Parker with his sexual exploits.

Elliot Sexton Interview

Elliot Sexton came out to address his thoughts heading into next month’s Caged Warfare match against the TMDK. However he was quickly interrupted by the TMDK leader Jag Hartley Jackson, who attempted to convince Elliot Sexton to abandon MCW and join TMDK.

Athough Sexton pledge his allegiance to the company of MCW, there was some doubt left in the air as the evening progressed.

Kelly Anne & Avary vs. Erika Reid & Evie

In a special contest that saw four of the top female wrestlers face off in tag team action, the dysfunctional team of Kelly Anne and Avery were picked apart by Erika Reid and Evie, allowing Erika Reid to pick up the victory via a roll up on Avary.

After the match, Erika Reid was approached by Hawko, the derange former commentator, who has been “courting” Reid for the last several months. Fed up of Harko’s advances, Erika Reid informed Hawko that he would indeed get a “date” with Reid… in the form of a match at Caged Warfare.

Dowie James vs. Slex: Winner Gets the One Man Up Advantage at Caged Warfare.

In a battle of two of the best all rounders in MCW today, MCW turncoat and former MCW Champion Slex faced off against the popular Dowie James.

In what was a very even contest, Dowie James looked to have the match won until members of TMDK came down to distract him. This led quickly to a mass brawl between the TMDK and MCW team members.

In the chaos, Slex picked up the pinfall, allowing TMDK the one man up advantage at next month’s Caged Wafare event.

Thanks for joining us! And keep your eye’s peeled for the post show wrap up soon!

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