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Uncensored 2 Quick Results: IC Title Chain Match

Photo Credit: Digital Beard Photography

Preston & Payne vs. Man United
Preston & Payne via pinfall after hitting a vicious back breaker double team move.

Dowie James vs. Taylor Adams
Dowie James victorious via pinfall courtesy of a Dowie River Plunge double underhook powerbomb.

KrackerJak vs. Adam Brooks
Adam Brooks defeated KrackerJak after dropping KrackerJak onto barbwire and hitting the Swanton Bomb. After the match Preston & Payne came down to assault and bloody the vulnerable KrackerJak.

Shazza McKenzie visits MCW!
Shazza McKenzie came out to insult the amazing Go Go Girls and Burlesque Dancers on tonight’s show, before instructing the fans that the only way to true female empowerment is through exercise. Evie came out to defend the honour of the fans, the Go Go Girls and the Burlesque Dancers, delivering a vicious kick that sent Shazza scurrying to the back.

Evie vs. Kellie Skater vs. Kelly Anne
In a brutal contest that went all around the Croxton Bandroom, it was Evie who finally managed to get the pinfall over Kellie Skater.

Mark Davis vs. Tommy Hellfire
Tommy Hellfire was victorious in his Melbourne City Wrestling return match, hitting the Fall From Grace in a solid heavyweight clash.

Hawko Embarrasses Himself
Just like at previous MCW shows, resident MCW creep Hawko came out to hit on one of the Go Go Girls. After implying that the Go Go Girl would be passable with a brown paper bag over her head, the Go Go Girl slapped the taste out of Hawko’s mouth. Hawko retreated, but not before proclaiming that “it was okay” because he had a “girlfriend”.

Chain Match for the MCW Intercommonwealth Championship: Mr. Juicy vs. Jonah Rock
In a vicious rematch from Fight to Survive, Mr. Juicy successfully defended the championship. After using the chain to pull Jonah Rock off the top rope, Mr. Juicy hit a 3/4 neck breaker to claim the 3 count and send the crowd home happy.

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