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The World’s Friendliest Bastards Clash Against Preston & Payne… IN A HARDCORE STREET FIGHT!

Since his return to MCW back at the Ballroom Brawl, Krackerjak has entered himself into a very heated and dangerous war against two of the most deranged individuals in MCW; Preston & Payne.

And unfortunately poor Lochy Hendricks has got sucked into this fight, with devastating consequences for the young and talented performer.

This year, Krackerjak made a glorious return to MCW, not only as an in-ring competitor, but also as Lochy Hendrick’s well meaning (if somewhat unhinged) mentor, determined to lead Lochy Hendricks to the dizzying heights of Australian wrestling superstardom.

Unfortunately at the same time, like a moth to a flame, Krackerjak has been irritating and interfering in the business of both Preston & Payne, two men who are determined to dominate MCW through vile assaults, psychological warfare and sickening acts. However they have seemingly met their match with Krackerjak, who has managed to keep one step ahead of the deranged duo for several months.

Sadly Krackerjak’s run of luck would finally run out at Fight to Survive, when during the halftime raffle a handcuffed and helpless Krackerjak would witness as Preston & Payne would unleash a brutal and bloody assault against Lochy Hendricks.

And it would only get worst, when after a barbwire assisted loss to Adam Brookes, Krackerjak himself would also become a victim of a vicious beating courtesy of Preston & Payne.

But why did Krackerjak return as Lochy’s mentor in the first place?

Finally on the 4th September, we would finally learn WHY Krackerjak enlisted Lochy Hendricks as his student, namely that he always intended to incite a fight with the biggest dog’s in the yard to reassert his dominance, and that he needed Lochy as his “human shield”.

See Krackerjak’s confession below:

So, on a night already featuring a ‘Caged Warfare’ contest between MCW & TMKD, we will see yet another brutal war… a Hardcore Street Fight. Which was signed exclusively courtesy on Bedlam Media earlier this week:

The war is almost over… but are there going to be any winners?

> We’ll see you this Saturday at the MCW Arena in Essendon! Event details can be found here.

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