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MCW Caged Warfare 2016 Quick Results: Did Sexton Abandon Team MCW?

Thanks to everyone who joined us last night to experience the brutality and jubilation that is MCW’s most thrilling and dangerous match; Caged Warfare!

(P.s. Photo Credit: Digital Beard)

Adam Brooks defeats Mike Burr

Adam Brooks wins via the swanton bomb, after using Mike Burr’s own baby boy (who was at ring side) to gain a psychological advantage over the double decade veteran.

The Brat Pack (With Avary) pinned Man United

Although Man United looked like they had the match won with the Man Down double spinebuster, Avary distracted the ref with an air horn, allowing Mitch Waterman to get the roll up victory.

Post match, Nick Bury hit the donkey punch to the back of Cambell Crawford’s head for a second time in his career.

Erika Reid defeats Hawko via DQ

In a complete and utter mismatch, the former disgraced commentator Hawko was soundly thrashed by Erika Reid. That is until Hawko’s long suspected non existent girlfriend, Vixsin, made her return to destroy Erika Reid and reclaim her boyfriend Hawko.

Preston & Payne vs. The World’s Friendliest Bastards

In a match that saw all manners of plunder, weapons and innovated mayhem, Preston & Payne finally ended this war by pinning KrackerJak.

The end of the match saw Lochy Hendricks about to take a spear through a table, only for KrackerJak to push Hendricks out of the way in the last minute, and take the proverbial bullet. Post match, KrackerJak accepted Hendricks as his equal.

Jake Andrewartha debuts!

We finally got to see the debut of Jake Andrewartha, the formerly Olympian and 9 time medal holder in competitive Judo. His opponent was a mysterious mask individual known as El Brutal.

Sadly for El Brutal, Andrewartha proved that he could be a dominating force in the years to come in Melbourne City Wrestling, and dissected El Brutal effortlessly with a combination of Judo technique and pro wrestling flair.

After gaining the submission victory, Jake Andrewartha’s celebration would be cut short, when Ali came out to confront the Olympian. Although no physical altercation happened between the two power house competitors, El Brutal was a victim of an Ali assault, which was no doubt a message sent to Jake Andrewartha that his time in MCW could be a rocky one.

Kelly Anne vs. Evie

In a continuation of the storied rivalry between two of Australasia’s best female talent, Evie scored the hard earned victory thanks to a combination of lightning speed, hard kicks and high risk daredevilry.

Caged Warfare: MCW VS. TMDK

At the beginning of the show, there were concerns that Elliot Sexton might not be able to compete as he was assaulted backstage. Regardless, Team MCW vs. TMDK in Caged Warfare would still move forward.

In a match that saw TMDK have the one man up advantage, the match was a brutal fight that sadly to say TMDK dominated for the most part. This was particularly true when you consider when it was time for Sexton to join the match, he was unable to, thus leaving MCW at a 4 on 3 disadvantage.

Finally Elliot Sexton’s music would hit, and Sexton would enter the match, admittedly late. When Sexton entered the ring, Sexton picked up a chair and for a brief moment it seemed that the man had a choice to make; was he team MCW, or was he in the pocket of TMDK.

Sexton silenced all doubt by cracking the chair into the head of TMDK’s leader, Jag Hartley Jackson, and with Sexton leading them, MCW would go on to victory.

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