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MCW Features on Vice Sports: Melbourne’s Best Kept Secret

A big thank you to Vice Sports for their awesome article on the recent Fight to Survive show. Below is a snippet:

Essendon’s antiquated Ukrainian Hall is hardly a respectable venue for a bloody eight-man caged wrestling match. But tell me—what would an appropriate setting look like? On the second Saturday of each month, a humble suburban gathering place becomes the Melbourne City Wrestling Arena.

Australian professional wrestling promotions used to attract crowds of thousands well into the 1970s. But these days, live wrestling events have gone underground—becoming a rare true underground subculture in this internet era. Melbourne City Wrestling, founded in 2010, draws in several hundred diehards every month. Whether it’s parents or children, teenage fangirls or slightly too-cool millennials, those of us seated around the ring this night know we’re in on Melbourne’s best-kept secret.

> Read the complete article here.

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