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Triple Main Events Signed for MCW Final Battle

With the biggest year in Melbourne City Wrestling history about to come to a close, MCW will present Final Battle at the Thornbury Theatre on Friday December 2nd. As is always the case with our Thornbury events, this is shaping up to be another colossal lineup, and we now have THREE main event bouts to announce for the final event for 2016.

First up, we will see the MCW Heavyweight Championship on the line, as the longest reigning champion in Melbourne City Wrestling history, Elliot Sexton, defends the top prize in Australia against his former team mate, and now increasingly bitter rival, Dowie James.

Throughout 2016, Sexton and James were a part of Team MCW, as they sought to rid the company of the invading faction known as The Mighty Don’t Kneel. But both men claimed that they were the rightful leaders of the group, which brought the unity of the team (and the company at large) into serious jeopardy. It was Sexton who would show that he was a team player, scoring the victory for Team MCW at Caged Warfare in September, but he would be unimpressed with a public apology from Dowie James the following month, and told him to put up or shut up, once and for all, by giving him a shot at his prestigious championship, which he has held since May 2015.

The MCW Heavyweight Champion has been profiled in a series of ongoing pieces on YouTube, but after months of dealing with naysayers and people talking trash within the company, it would seem that Sexton finally snapped at our last event, as he attacked Josh Shooter, chokeslamming him off the entrance stage through the commentary table below, declaring that Dowie James would be next in line at Thornbury.

Meanwhile, Dowie James has been quick to point out that he has never been given the chance to prove himself at the top level of Melbourne City Wrestling in the entire time that Sexton has been champion. Final Battle will mark the first time that Dowie James has been given a one on one shot at the MCW Heavyweight Championship, but the question remains: can he win the most prestigious professional wrestling championship in the country on the biggest stage of them all?

Two more team mates will collide at MCW Final Battle, as Mr Juicy defends his MCW Intercommonwealth Championship against JXT. The bout between these two is in stark contrast to that between Elliot Sexton and Dowie James, as Juicy and JXT are still firm friends, even holding the MCW Tag Team Championships earlier this year. This match is simply to find out who the better man is, with the MCW Intercommonwealth Championship serving as the reward for the victor.

After winning a number one contendership match in October, JXT was confronted by Mr Juicy, who told his running buddy that he was proud of JXT, having witnessed the transformation in the young fan-favourite from shy social outcast upon his MCW debut in 2013, to being the top prospect, brimming with confidence, that we’ve come to love and expect from JXT today. With respect, honour and the MCW Intercommonwealth Championship on the line, this is going to be a first time ever bout that we’re really looking forward to.

And finally, we will see two of the very best female professional wrestlers anywhere in the world do battle one more time, as Evie and Kelly Anne compete in the first ever Last Woman Standing bout in Melbourne City Wrestling history. These two competitors have faced off twice before, with one victory apiece. As revealed in a fantastic YouTube hype reel, these two are now going to war in a bout that may serve to be the most violent of the evening.

The rules of the Last Woman Standing match are simple – there are no disqualifications, no count-outs, and the only way to win is to beat your opponent down to the point that they cannot answer the referee’s ten count. This is the first time we’ve presented a match like this in company history, and with good cause, as the feud between Evie and Kelly Anne has grown to become one of the most heated that we’ve seen all year. It was Kelly Anne who attacked Evie in her surprise debut in late 2015, defeating the current SHIMMER Wrestling Tag Team Champion in her first official match in MCW.

Evie would avenge her loss at Caged Warfare in September, in a bout that many have claimed as being one of the best all year. A furious Kelly Anne attacked Evie the following month, resulting in a massive brawl which took nearly a dozen referees and officials to contain. It is hoped that MCW Final Battle will serve to be just that, as these two compete one more time to try and find out just who is the top female competitor in the country.

More matches will be announced very soon, and tickets for MCW Final Battle can either be purchased online via this link, or at the venue on the night. Don’t miss out on the final Melbourne City Wrestling event for 2016, as this is going to be a night of sports entertainment action unlike anything you’ve seen in this city before!

MCW Final Battle
Friday 2nd December 2016
The Thornbury Theatre
859 High Street. Thornbury VIC
Doors 6:30pm. Show 7:30pm.

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