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Collision Course Now Available on MCW Encore OnDemand


Melbourne City Wrestling presented the final event at the MCW Arena for 2016 on Saturday November 12. A huge card was capped off by an Air Force Three dream match, with three of Australia’s top cruiserweight exports all in action against one another, including the return of ‘Australian Suicide’ Ryan Rollins, making his first MCW appearance in three years:

Adam Brooks vs. Robbie Eagles vs. ‘Australian Suicide’ Ryan Rollins

Vixsin vs. Erika Reid

The Brat Pack (w/ Avary) vs. The World’s Friendliest Bastards

Davis Storm vs. JXT

Ali vs. Vance Adams

Josh ‘The Axe’ Shooter vs. Fun Time Phil

‘The Jurassic Punk’ Syd Parker vs. Dowie James

This event also includes commentary from Travis Euesden & Lord Andy Coyne.

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