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MCW Vendetta 2017 Results: Who IS The Top Contender to Dowie James’ MCW Title?

MCW Vendetta 2017 took place on the 14th January, LIVE in the MCW Arena in Essendon, in front of a standing room only, rowdy crowd. With four new champions having been crowned at Final Battle 2016, it was an exciting start for the year for MCW’s competitors.

Dowie James addresses the fans

The show started with Dowie James addressing the fans with a heartfelt speech thanking them for supporting him, and what MCW, its fans and the championship meant to him.

However after his speech, he would be interrupted by Mr. Juicy, who reminded Dowie James that he had a championship opportunity at the MCW title, as a courtesy of winning the Ballroom Brawl back in April.

Then Elliot Sexton, the former champion would emerge and demand a rematch at “his” championship. After a tense three way standoff, Dowie would walk away with a promise that regardless of who he has to defend the title against, he plans on being a champion for a long time.

Mike Burr vs. Fun Time Phil

Fun Time Phil defeats Mike Burr via a roll up. Post match, Fun Time Phil gave a confused and flustered opponent a hug, which caused Mike Burr to leave the ring.

World’s Friendliest Bastards vs. Man United (Tag Team Championship No.1 Contendership)

KrackerJak, who was suffering from a severe hangover, would invoke his “Australian Legends Contract” to step out of the match, and allow Lochy Hendricks to face one member of Man United to determine the No.1 Contendership.

Therefore we would be greeted with a one on one between Vance Adams and Lochy Hendricks. In the match, Vance Adams would get wiped out with a spear from an interfering KrackerJak. Once Lochy Hendricks realised what was going on, the honourable Hendricks would roll the unconscious Adams onto him, giving Man United the title shot.

Man United vs. Alan Payne (Tag Team Championship)

As a bonus treat for the fans in the MCW arena, Alan Payne, one half of Tag Team Champions, would come out to defend the titles against Man United on his own.

What we would see would be a massacre. As despite the fact that Man United hit their “Man Down” double spine buster, Payne would go to definitively defeat the gentlemanly tag team.

Post match KrackerJak would have a public verbal confrontation with Hendricks, demanding to know why he did what he did. Hendricks would explain to KrackerJak that he had too, because Man United “needed” this win.

Man United would not appreciate the pity victory, and courtesy of a steel chair would bloody KrackerJak and injure the leg of Lochy Hendricks.

JXT vs Ali vs Jake Andrewartha (Intercommonwealth Championship)

JXT, after winning the Intercommonwealth Championship back at Final Battle 2016, would find himself in the middle of Jake Andrewartha’s and Ali’s personal war.

The match would end with Ali and Andrewartha battling to the back, whilst JXT would wait in the ring. However the match was ruled a no contest after Elliot Sexton, looking to send a message to MCW Champion Dowie James and number one contender Mr. Juicy, assaulted JXT after the match.

Mr. Juicy would come down and protect his friend JXT from the enraged Elliot Sexton. Sexton would then viciously push over Mr. Juicy, effectively ending their lifelong friendship in the process.

It’s Raffle Time!!!

It would be time for the raffle, this month hosted by ‘Lord’ Andy Coyne and MCW’s Miracle Girl Erika Reid. After the final prize was awarded, Lord Coyne would thank “the fastest rising star in MCW”, which would bring out a jealous and furious Avery who took umbridged with that description.


Kelly Anne vs. Jessica Troy

Jessica Tory, the spunky competitor from NSW, would take on one of the most vicious competitors in Australian wrestling, Kelly Anne.

Kelly Anne, who was still embarrassed from her loss at Final Battle in the Last Woman Standing match, would send an emphatic statement by dominating and dispatching Troy via the cannonball.

Damien Slater vs. Adam Brooks

Adam Brooks, who is on a huge roll after defeating Australian Suicide Ryan Rollins at Final Battle, was looking to continue his steak at the expense of the Cruiserweight Classic’s Australian representative Damien Slater.

Despite a solid back and forth match, Slater would indeed fall to the “Loose Ledge” Adam Brooks.

Post match, Adam Brooks would remind the audience that Dowie James has never pinned or submitted by him, and that considering his victory streak as of late, demands his shot at the MCW Championship.

Join us at our next show Ascension: 11th Feb 2017!

Our next show, Ascension, takes place on the 11th Feb in the MCW Arena (The Essendon Ukrainian Hall). And with three challengers clipping on the heels of Dowie James, you know it’s going to be a very competitive few months here at MCW!

>> Ticket’s for Ascension can be purchased here! We will see you at the MCW Arena in February!

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