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Ascension 2017 Quick Results: Dowie James Chooses His Next Challenge

In a SOLD OUT MCW Arena, the fans of Australian wrestling got to witness the 2017 edition of Ascension on February 11th, and with it, the continuing unfolding story of MCW Heavyweight Champion Dowie James, and the three top contenders who are currently chomping at the bit to be the next challenger to his title.

Elliot Sexton vs. JXT: JXT wins vis DQ.

When it appeared as thought JXT would successfully exact revenge against Elliot Sexton via a Retweet, Sexton rolled to the outside to escape the pinfall, and followed it up by throwing a chair into JXT’s face shortly after, causing the DQ. Whilst Sexton continued his vicious assault on JXT after the match, Mr. Juicy would come out to try and get his friend Elliot Sexton to stop, only to be a victim of an attack from Sexton himself with a chair, which would put Juicy at a disadvantage against Adam Brooks later on in the evening.

Josh Shooter vs. Mike Burr: Shooter wins via pinfall.

After the referee was knocked out, Fun Time Phil would come out to try his hand at refereeing. Josh Shooter was able to capitalise on the distraction, rolling up his former mentor Mike Burr, and getting the three count when the original referee recovered. A highly emotional Mike Burr shoved Phil after the loss, before apologising, and storming to the back.

Announcement of the return of the Women’s Memorial Cup.

Travis Euesden would announce the return of the MCW Vera & Jenny Women’s Memorial Cup, a trophy previously won by NXT Superstar Peyton Royce. Entrants will be announced soon, with qualifying matches taking place at Tensions Rising on March 11th 2017, and the final taking place at the Thornbury Theatre in April.

Kelly Anne would storm to the ring and make it clear that she plans on winning the trophy and prove for once and for all that she is the most dominant woman in Australian wrestling today.


Man United vs. The World’s Friendliest Bastards: The World’s Friendliest Bastards via pinfall.

In a match that saw two top teams compete for revenge and bragging rights, The World’s Friendliest Bastards walked out victorious, after Lochy Hendricks showed a darker side to his demanour, no doubt influenced by KrackerJak.

Adam Brooks vs. Mr Juicy: Adam Brooks via pinfall.

Mr. Juicy entered this contest carrying injuries from earlier in the night. Despite a valiant effort, ‘The Loose Ledge’ Adam Brooks hit the swanton bomb, and claimed the three count.

Unveiling of the new MCW Tag Team Titles.

In a ceremony that saw Travis Euesden humiliated and Payne humbled, Preston would proclaim himself as ‘The King of MCW’s Tag Team Division’, as he was crowned with the new MCW Tag Team Championship belts.

However his glorious moment would be short lived, as The World’s Friendliest Bastards would come to the ring to attack Preston and Payne, and announce their intentions to challenge for the tag team championships.

MCW Heavyweight Championship: Dowie James vs. Ryan Eagles: Dowie James retains via submission.

In Dowie James’ first defence of his MCW Championship, Dowie James would take on the formidable Ryan Eagles and tap him out in the middle of the ring.

After the match, Dowie James’ would call out his former tag team partner and nemesis Adam Brooks, and informed him that Adam Brooks would be the next man to get a shot at Dowie James’ championship.

2017 has only just started and it’s only going to get hotter! So make sure you join us at our next MCW Arena event on March 11th; Tensions Rising 2017! Click here for more details of this event!

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