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MCW Tensions Rising Results: Who Walked Out of the Main Event?

This past Saturday (11th March 2017) the MCW Arena was packed!!! In fact we had to pull the ring back AND add extra rows to contain all the fans who were about to experience an eventful show as we head into next month’s Clash of the Titans.

‘Good Time Trouble’ Mike Burr defeated Josh ‘The Axe’ Shooter via DQ.

During this rematch from Ascension, both Mike Burr and Josh Shooter were distracted by the presence of Fun Time Phil who was commentating at ringside, and who was continually adamant that he was Mike Burr’s best mate.

As the match headed towards the final stretch, Josh Shooter would attempt to insert a steel chair into the proceedings. Fun Time Phil would prevent him initially, but after smashing Fun Time Phil’s face into a steel post, Shooter would go on to attack Burr with the chair.

After the match Mike Burr would argue with his unwanted friend Fun Time Phil, and proceed to storm away.

Vera & Jenny Memorial Cup Qualifier: Kelly Anne pinned Jessica Troy.

In a match that saw Jessica Troy try and stay one step ahead from the vicious Kelly Anne, history would repeat itself from their previous encounter and Kelly Anne would despatch Troy with the cannonball.

The MCW Intercommonwealth Championship Open Challenge *Sesh*: JXT retains vs. Brady Peirce.

In an open challenge match, JXT would be faced against the monstrous Brady Pierce; one of the most promising independent talents in the US.

In a match that saw JXT’s raw passion go up against the raw power of Pierce, JXT was able to stay one step ahead and hit the retweet for the 3 count.

Post match, JXT promised that the “sesh” would never stop, and issued another open challenge for Clash of the Titans.

Jake Andrewartha & Ali defeated the returning team of Slade Mercer & Gabriel Wolfe.

Jake Andrewartha & Ali have been warring for months, and in an attempt to bring peace between the two, MCW management insisted they must co exist – or face indefinite suspension.

At first Andrewartha and Ali looked like they weren’t on the same page. However after tagging in, Ali would go on to pick up the win with the Air Raid Crush whilst Andrewartha had his back.

Long story short – Andrewartha and Ali were able to co-exist and could quickly become the most dominant team in Australian wrestling history if they remain on the same page.

Vera & Jenny Memorial Cup Qualifier: Evie Defeated Avary.

In what was effectively a three on one match between Evie vs. Avary and her Brat Pack, it looked like Avary would cheat her way into the finals for the Vera & Jenny Memorial Cup.

Thankfully, Evie perseverance and heart would see her fend off the Brat Pack and finally put Avary away with the top rope double stomp.

After the match Kelly Anne would stand on the stage staring down Evie whilst standing next to the Vera & Jenny Memorial Cup.

The rematch to MCW’s match of the year is now set for Clash of the Titans, with the Vera & Jenny Memorial Cup on the line

Clash of the Titans MCW Tag Title Contract Signing.

At Clash of the Titans, the team of Preston and Payne will defend the tag team championships against the World’s Friendliest Bastards, but first they would need to get through a contract signing.

However… Preston & Payne would have a few surprises in the contract. First… it would be a ladder match and secondly, if KrackerJak and Lochy Hendricks lose, Hendricks will become the protégé of Preston.

After the contract was signed (and stapled to Preston by KrackerJak) a brief skirmish would erupt, which would allow Lochy Hendricks to steal one of the tag team titles in the process.

Adam Brooks & Elliot Sexton defeated Mr Juicy & Dowie James.

In what quickly boiled down into a messy brawl, the match would see Elliot Sexton drag Mr. Juicy down to the ring beaten and bruised. Sadly it would get worse, with Sexton smashing the commentary team’s monitor into Juicy’s skull.

MCW Champion Dowie James would run down for the save, and in his temper, demanded the match would continue as a handicap match.

As good as Dowie James is, there was no way he could continue to fend off the raw power of Sexton and the lightning offence of his Clash of the Titans challenger Adam Brooks.

Eventually Elliot Sexton would hit a turnbuckle crucifix bomb, and Adam Brooks would steal the victory. After the match ended, all hell broke loose as not only would Dowie James continue to brawl with Adam Brooks, but Mr. Juicy would return from medical attention to continue his war with Sexton.

With both Adam Brooks vs Dowie James set at Clash of the Titans for the championship and Mr. Juicy vs Elliot Sexton recently signed, Clash of the Titans is shaping up into one of the hottest shows to ever take place in the Thornbury Theatre.

> Tickets for Clash of the Titans, Friday 28th April at the Thornbury Theatre, are on sale NOW!

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