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Triple Main Event set for MCW Clash of the Titans

Following an extremely eventful MCW Tensions Rising in Essendon on Saturday 11, our next event is MCW Clash of the Titans; our highly anticipated return to the birth place of Melbourne City Wrestling, taking place in the prestigious Thornbury Theatre in Northcote on Friday April 28.

Prior to Tensions Rising, we knew that Dowie James would be defending the MCW Heavyweight Championship in the main event of Clash of the Titans against Adam Brooks, but following so much conjecture about who had scored what kind of victory over whom, Dowie James demanded a 30 minute Iron Man Match, the first in Melbourne City Wrestling history. Dowie promised Brooks that he would beat him again and again in order to prove that he is worthy of holding the MCW Heavyweight Championship.

That said, Adam Brooks now holds two pinfall victories over Dowie James. The first is a tainted MCW Intercommonwealth Championship victory from February 2016, and at Tensions Rising, following a stack of punishment in what turned out to be a handicap match between Dowie James and the combo of Elliot Sexton & Adam Brooks, the number one contender would steal a victory after Elliot Sexton powerbombed Dowie James into the turnbuckles. With such a mental advantage over the champion going into the April 28 event, will lightning strike again for Adam Brooks? Will we see a new MCW Heavyweight Champion in the first ever iron man match in Melbourne City Wrestling?


In addition, we’ve witnessed a huge falling out between two men who were once the very best of friends, both inside and outside of the ring – that being Elliot Sexton and Mr Juicy. Formerly known as ‘The Weekend Worriers’, things for Sexton & Juicy began falling apart following Sexton’s loss to Dowie James for the MCW Heavyweight Championship last December. During an argument over who would be the next contender for Dowie’s MCW Heavyweight Championship, Sexton told Mr Juicy to stay out of his way. When Elliot Sexton attacked JXT later in the evening, Juicy intervened, and was shoved over by the former champion for his troubles. It only got worse the following month at MCW Ascension: as Elliot Sexton began wailing away on JXT with a chair, Mr Juicy once again intervened, telling Sexton to change his ways or lose him as a friend. Sexton responded by attacking Juicy with a chair while his back was turned, destroying their friendship irreparably, once and for all.

Things went from bad to worse at MCW Tensions Rising, as a scheduled tag team match between Dowie James and Mr Juicy vs. Adam Brooks and Elliot Sexton broke down before it could even begin, with Sexton attacking Juicy prior to the match starting, cracking a television monitor over the head of Mr Juicy, leaving him a bloodied mess. Juicy would attack Sexton following the conclusion of the match, with the entire locker room eventually spilling out to try and keep the two separated.

With no other alternative in sight, Melbourne City Wrestling Management have now signed a grudge match between Mr Juicy and Elliot Sexton for MCW Clash of the Titans on Friday April 28. Once best friends, now bitter enemies, there is a lot of emotion going into the battle between two of Melbourne’s very best.


Finally, we will see a bitter rivalry renewed one more time, as Kelly Anne and Evie compete to crown the second ever winner of the Vera & Jenny Memorial Cup. These two battled in a best of three series over the course of a full year, with Evie coming out victorious in a wild Last Woman Standing match at MCW Final Battle at the end of 2016, available to rent or download online here. The bout was hailed as the greatest womens wrestling match in Melbourne City Wrestling history, with fans worldwide talking about it.

Both women came out victorious in their qualifying bouts in the Vera & Jenny Memorial Cup tournament at MCW Tensions Rising, with Kelly Anne defeating Jessica Troy and Evie defeating Avary. With a trophy now on the line in this rivalry, you can bet that this bout may well be the show stealer on Friday April 28, as Kelly Anne and Evie go to war to determine just who the greatest female wrestler in Australia truly is.

MCW Clash of the Titans is already shaping up to be a can’t miss event, with ticket pre-sales available online by clicking this link. We will also have tickets available at the venue on the night. More match announcements will be heading your way in the coming weeks.

MCW Clash of the Titans
Friday 28th April 2017
The Thornbury Theatre
859 High Street. Thornbury VIC
Doors 6:30pm. Show 7:30pm.

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