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A Rivalry Ends at MCW Clash of the Titans

Over the past few months, we’ve seen a bitter war emerge between Mike Burr and Josh ‘The Axe’ Shooter. A former protege of Mike Burr (both men were part of the Hard Way Inc faction, along with Jay Andrews and Miami), Shooter has been intent on proving that Burr no longer has what it takes to be a professional wrestler, much less an active member of the MCW roster, and as a result, he’s been trying to force “Good Time Trouble” into retirement.

Meanwhile, Mike Burr has been aided by the man known as Fun Time Phil, who has been trying to convince Burr to be not only his mentor, but his best friend as well. That hasn’t gone down well so far, with Phil inadvertently costing Burr a match against Shooter at MCW Ascension in February. Still, Phil has persisted, and after Burr contemplated finally giving in to Shooter’s demands of retirement via the MCW Post Show Wrap-Up following MCW Tensions Rising, Phil would claim he had an idea to restore balance to the situation.

Since then, MCW Management have been begged and pleaded by Fun Time Phil for one more match to take place between Mike Burr and Josh Shooter, and it will happen at MCW Clash of the Titans, which takes place at the Thornbury Theatre on Friday April 28. That match however will be a ‘Loser Leaves Town’ match. If Mike Burr can’t beat Josh Shooter once and for all, he will be forced into retirement. And if Josh Shooter is unable to defeat Mike Burr, he’ll be the one who takes his seat on the sidelines, unable to compete in Melbourne City Wrestling indefinitely!

Adding to that, Phil has also requested to be the guest referee for the match, promising that he will be a fair and unbiased official. We’ve seen Phil attempt to take control of both bouts between Shooter and Burr before, and has been unsuccessful in both attempts. Will the third time be the charm?

Tickets for MCW Clash of the Titans are available online now via this link, with pre-orders closing in mid April. We will also have tickets available at the venue door on the night.

MCW Clash of the Titans
Friday 28th April 2017
The Thornbury Theatre
859 High Street. Thornbury VIC
Doors 6:30pm. Show 7:30pm.

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