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MCW Clash of the Titans 2017 Results

On Friday April 28, Melbourne City Wrestling rolled into The Thornbury Theatre. A home for some of MCW’s greatest events and moments, you can tell that the legacy of the building would continue as we would head into Clash of the Titan 2017, a show with a monster triple main event.

The MCW Intercommonwealth Championship Open Sesh: JXT vs. Alex Kingston

The “sesh” would continue, and tonight JXT would defend his championship against Alex Kingston. Despite Kingston attempting to take every cheap shortcut, JXT would eventually retain the title in a fast moving, hard hitting contest.

Loser Leaves the City: Josh “The Axe” Shooter vs. Mike Burr (Special Guest Referee: Fun Time Phil)

Former mentor and protégé would clash, with Shooter looking to end the career of the man who brought him into the world of professional wrestling; Mike Burr.

With Fun Time Phil calling it down the middle, Shooter would hit his match ended Flaming Axe, only for the determined Burr to kick out. Frustrated with the kick out, Shooter would allow himself to be distracted and start arguing with the official Fun Time Phil. Ultimately this would allow Burr to get the victory, and in doing so, sending Shooter packing from Melbourne City Wrestling.

MCW Tag Team Championship Ladder Match: Preston & Payne vs. The World’s Friendliest Bastards

In a match that would see Lochy Hendricks become the property of Preston if The Bastards lost, we saw a brutal and vicious match, the likes of which was to be expected considering who was in it.

Ultimately we would see KrackerJak become incapacitated after being driven through a ladder (whilst being wrapped up in barbwire too!) and it would become a two on one situation for the unfortunate Lochy Hendricks. However, LOVE would come to the rescue, with Hendrick’s girlfriend, Emily the merchandise girl, coming out to the battered Lochy’s aid, and handcuffing the monstrous Payne to even up the odds.

Ultimately once the dust was settled, and with Payne removed from the equation, The World’s Friendliest Bastards won the MCW Tag Team Championships in front of a rabid crowd.

The Weekend Warriors Implode: Elliot Sexton vs. Mr Juicy

In a very personal contest, we would see both Sexton and Juicy clash in the true battle of the Titans. In a match that at times saw Sexton almost playing with Mr Juicy, we would see the referee get wiped out and Juicy seemindly having the match won after a jack hammer. Sadly for Juicy, there was no referee and the fight would take an ugly turn when Sexton would brutalise Juicy with a chair. MCW officials would come out and stop the match, making it a no contest.

Post match, a beaten, bruised but NOT OUT Mr. Juicy demanded a Falls Count Anywhere match for MCW Keep it 100 on Saturday May 13, which will take place at the MCW Arena in Essendon.

Vera & Jenny Memorial Cup Final: Evie vs. Kelly Anne

In a hotly contest rematch from their astounding Last Woman Standing match, Evie and Kelly Anne would get the chance in their final meeting to finally determine the true best in Australia was for the hotly contested Vera & Jenny Memorial Cup, a trophy previously held by NXT’s Peyton Royce. In an even fight, which would see Kelly Anne try to keep the match slow and brutal, and with Evie trying to keep the fight mobile, Kelly Anne would viciously dump Evie to the outside, before rolling her in for a tree of woe cannonball, thus earning the final pinfall.

At this point, Evie would say a tearful goodbye, and congratulate her worthy opponent. However Kelly Anne’s celebration would be cut short, with the MCW return of Madison Eagles. Eagles would proclaim that SHE is the true best in Australia today, and something tells us that this is not the last we have seen of Eagles and Kelly Anne.

30 Minute Iron Man Match for the MCW Heavyweight Championship

Adam Brooks and Dowie James’ personal championship history are heavily intertwined, being tag team champions together as well as having Brooks steal the James’ Intercommonwealth Championship in the past. Both men played it careful, and as the 30 minutes came to an end (with James’ having locked Brooks in the Rings of Dowie submission hold) the match ended in a draw. However Dowie James, a man too proud to take a draw for the championship, demanded a sudden death overtime.

This was at James’ folly however, as Brooks blasted him with a low blow whilst everyone was distracted, and he followed it up with a face shattering face breaker. Brooks went for the cover, but was caught trying to hold the ropes by senior official Edwin Lay.

Moments later, James would hit the Tiger Driver for the 1,2 and 3, retaining his MCW Championship.

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