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Keep It 100 Quick Results: TK Cooper Returns & Mr. Juicy vs. Elliot Sexton in a Bloody Falls Count Anywhere War

At the MCW Arena in Essendon last night, the fans of Australian wrestling would see a packed show. However NOTHING in the undercard would prepare them for the brutal and decisive conclusion to the war between Elliot Sexton and Mr. Juicy. Two top contenders would enter with a personal grudge, but only one would leave ready to challenge the MCW Champion Dowie James to a championship match at Ballroom Brawl.

Photo credit to Cory Lockwood Photography for his stunning portraits of Mr. Juicy and Elliot Sexton before they would enter this grueling contest.

MCW Tag Team Championship: The World Friendliest Bastards defeated Preston and Payne

Post match we would see the implosion of Preston and Payne. Preston, blaming Payne for losing, would see Payne start to become violent. Thankfully for Preston, he would use headphones to calm the beast with music. Sadly this would allow the returning Emmanuel to attack Payne. Seemingly there is a new alliance between Preston and Emmanuel here in MCW.

Charli Evans was defeated by Kelly Anne.

Charli Evans would be Kelly Anne’s first handpicked opponent from her new rival Madison Eagles. However Evans would not be able to withstand the onslaught from the highly game and effective Kelly Anne.

TK Cooper beat Mike Burr.

TK Cooper and Dahlia Black would make a glorious return to MCW, having just completed an incredibly successful tour in the United Kingdom. Cooper has come back more dangerous and effective than ever before, and it showed in this match. With interference from Dahlia Black giving him the edge (despite Fun Time Phil coming to ringside to even the odds), TK Cooper would defeat the double decade veteran.

Post match, TK Cooper made his intentions clear, that he wanted a MCW Championship match against Dowie James. Dowie James would come to ring and tell Cooper that if he wanted a championship opportunity, he would have to earn it like everyone else.

MCW Intercommonwealth Championship: JXT defeated Dean Valente.

The Sesh continues! JXT defeated the latest challenge to his championship when he planted Dean Valente with the Retweet… scoring the 1,2,3.

Falls Count Anywhere: Mr. Juicy vs. Elliot Sexton.

In a match that would see two of the very best, both with a legitimate claim to a future title opportunity, former friends Mr Juicy and Elliot Sexton would war in a falls count anywhere match.

Knowing that he could pin Sexton, having almost accomplish this feat back at Ballroom Brawl, Mr Juicy would keep the pressure on with regular pinfall attempts. However the raw power and aggression from Sexton would make it difficult to accomplish this task.

Something had to give, and it did, when Mr Juicy FINALLY got the pinfall after spearing the monstrous Sexton from the ring and through two tables at ringside.

Mr Juicy Challenges Dowie James for MCW Championship Mega Match at Ballroom Brawl 2017.

Post match, Mr Juicy would get to do something he has waited months to do, and that is to finally step up and formerly challenge Dowie James for his MCW Championship at the biggest show of the year; Ballroom Brawl 2017.

Dowie James would come out, but was suddenly attacked by TK Cooper with a steel chair. James, furious, would announce that TK Cooper would get his opportunity at the biggest prize in Australian wrestling next month, when Dowie James puts the MCW Championship on the line against Cooper at Hostile Takeover on June 10 at the MCW Arena.

>> Stay tuned to this page for ticket details for Hostile Takeover: Cooper vs. James for the MCW Championship!

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