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Hostile Takeover Review: James vs Cooper

A big thank you to http://borntolosebutidontcare.blogspot.com.au for taking the time to review our latest event from the MCW Arena, Hostile Takeover.

Main evented with a stunning clash between “The Super Dow” Dowie James and “The Monogomous” TK Cooper, it was most likely one of the most eventful shows we’ve had in the MCW arena this year.

Elliott Sexton’s show opening promo was entertaining as. He’s consistently been the best thing about MCW this year, as a serious shit talking monster he looks every bit the made for TV star. With him quitting MCW, hopefully this is due to him going onto new challenges and making it big wherever he goes.

Kellyanne’s run of mauling people continued with a fun, short match against Amity Row of EPW Perth fame, representing The Solution. Kellyanne made quick work of her foe, to continue the build to her eventual match with Madison Eagles. Amity was better than I thought she would be based on her experience, most EPW stuff i’ve seen has been in tag matches or more of a managerial role, but she was pretty good, looking the part and having a certain charisma that came across well. With more experience she could end up being someone to watch.”

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