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Hostile Takeover ’17 Results: TK Cooper Leaves With the Belt

MCW Hostile Takeover took place last night at the MCW Arena in Essendon. Hosted by Lord Andy Coyne and the self proclaimed resident sex machine Hawko, the show would see the destiny of MCW’s championship take some drastic turns.

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Elliot Sexton

The show would kick off with former MCW champion Elliot Sexton coming to the ring. Furious with the fans and how they have reacted to him and his loss last month to Mr. Juicy, Elliot Sexton would tender his resignation in a less than gentlemanly manner; by telling the fans to kiss his arse.

Amity Row vs. Kelly Anne

In the 2nd of Madison Eagles’ gauntlet challenge to Kelly Anne, the big bad KA would face off against Perth competitor Amity Row. Courtesy of a roaring elbow, Kelly Anne would be victorious in dominant fashion and one step closer to Madison Eagles.

Emanuelle vs. Alan Payne

In his in ring return to MCW, Emanuelle would take on Alan Payne in a match where Emanuelle would bring a surprising amount of aggression against the unhinged Alan Payne. Payne, as reference in video interviews on MCW’s Facebook page, would try to feed the young competitor a baby bottle. This would infuriate Emanuelle who proceed to zip tie and assault Payne in the corner for the DQ.

This would allow Payne’s former tag partner, and Emmanuelle’s new “associate”, Jonathan Preston to assist in the brutal post match attack. Security would come out to assist, but the real difference maker seemed to be Intercommonwealth Champion JXT, who not only helped diffused the situation, but also had a weird calming effect on Payne.

MCW Tag Team Championship No1 Contendership: The Brat Pack vs. Ali and Jake Andrewartha vs. Mike Burr and Fun Time Phil

With the tag team champions The World’s Friendliest Bastards on commentary, the MCW arena would be treated to wild three way tag team match.

Ultimately, it would be The Brat Pack stealing the win, and in turn, becoming top contenders to the World’s Friendliest Bastard’s tag team titles.

After some posturing from The Brat Pack and Krackerjak calling their bluff, we would end up with a impromptu tag team title match!

MCW Tag Team Titles: Brat Pack vs. The World’s Friendliest Bastards

Despite wearing street clothes, The World Friendliest Bastards would come in strong against The Brat Pack. Avery would interject herself, which would bring Lochy Hendrick’s girlfriend Emily to come out to even the odds.

Unfortunately this would backfire. With Mitch Waterman restraining Emily, Avery would continue to attack Emily. Krackerjak, with little choice, would come to Emily’s aid, but in doing so, leaving Hendrick’s vulnerable to a rope assisted roll up from Nick Bury.

We have NEW MCW Tag Team Champions.

MCW Intercommonwealth Championship: JXT Vs. Jonathan Preston

JXT’s open invitational sesh continued, this time with JXT defending against Preston, a man who came with a solid game plan of working on JXT’s shoulder, and in doing so potentially eliminating both the Retweet and JXPlex moves from JXT’s arsenal.

As the match started to re-favour JXT, Preston’s associate Emmanuelle would come to ringside with a ether soaked rag, to knock JXT unconscious. Thankfully for JXT, he would be saved by Alan Payne.

Preston in all the confusion ended up eating JXT’s retweet, and JXT retained his Intercommonwealth Championship.

Mr Juicy Update

We found out courtesy of a video update that Mr. Juicy suffered a severe shoulder injury in his match vs Elliot Sexton, and may have to miss Ballroom Brawl, and thus relinquish his title shot vs. the MCW Champion at Ballroom Brawl.

Everyone at MCW wishes Mr Juicy a full and speedy recovery.

MCW Championship: TK Cooper with Dhalia Black vs. Dowie James

In a highly competitive one and one contest, both TK Cooper and Dowie James were at the top of their game.

However the end of the contest would boil down into true madness. Dowie James looked to have the match won, but Dahlia Black would put TK Cooper’s foot on the rope saving him.

After senior official Edwin Lay would be wiped out by a wayward flying knee from Dowie James, TK Cooper would hit Rihanna (a driving body slam) for the seeming three count, however the replacement referee Aaron Edwards would miss the fact that Dowie James’ foot was on the rope.

Just as TK Cooper was announced as the new MCW champion, Edwin Lay would recover, note that James’ foot was on the rope, and restart the match.

TK Cooper at this point FLIPPED! Assaulting both referees he would grab the title belt and leave the MCW arena, believing that he is the MCW champion.

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