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Main Event Announced for MCW Fight to Survive

The main event scene in Melbourne City Wrestling is in more turmoil than ever before. It all started with Mr Juicy challenging for the number one contendership to the MCW Heavyweight Championship, expecting to cash in his Ballroom Brawl Rumble victory from last years event, twelve months on at this years Ballroom Brawl, which takes place at the Thornbury Theatre on Saturday August 5th. That was until he injured his shoulder at May’s event, ‘Keep It 100.” As we found out last Saturday night at MCW Hostile Takeover, doubt is surrounding whether or not he’ll be able to follow up on that championship opportunity.

The controversy continued in the Hostile Takeover main event on Saturday night, when TK Cooper challenged Dowie James for the MCW Heavyweight Championship that Mr Juicy is the rightful top contender for. The referee for the bout, Edwin Lay, was knocked down during the closing stretch of the bout, and replacement referee AJ Edwards did not notice Dowie James’ foot on the bottom rope when TK Cooper scored the winning pinfall on him, thanks in part to TK’s valet and girlfriend, Dahlia Black, knocking Dowie’s foot off the ropes.

As TK Cooper was awarded the MCW Heavyweight Championship, Edwin Lay would have the decision reversed, having witnessed what went on at ringside during the match ending pinfall, and ordered the bout be restarted. Instead, TK Cooper and Dahlia Black chose to knock out BOTH referees, as well as Dowie James, and left the MCW Arena in a hurry with the championship in their possession. For those playing at home, the match was ruled a no contest.

As a result, we have a champion (Dowie James) who never officially lost the MCW Championship, which is now in the hands of TK Cooper and Dahlia Black. Melbourne City Management met on Sunday to work out what to do in regards to the situation, and with MCW Fight to Survive now looming on Saturday July 15 at the MCW Arena in Essendon, it has been decided that TK Cooper and Dowie James will meet in a rematch for the MCW Heavyweight Championship, in a main event bout where there MUST be a winner.

Prior to the shenanigans that closed out the evening, Dowie James and TK Cooper were engaged in a classic bout for the title, which was one of the best we’ve seen so far in 2017, and there’s no doubt that the same will happen when we see these two collide in a definitive rematch on July 15. But who will walk out the winner, and who will go on to fight for the MCW Heavyweight Championship at Ballroom Brawl?

There are many unanswered questions in this situation, and we hope to have some more clarity as we make our final stop on the road to the Thornbury Theatre on Saturday July 15, as we present ‘MCW Fight to Survive’. Tickets for this event are on sale now, and can be purchased via this link, with front row sold out, and second row now filling up fast. Tickets can also be purchased at the venue door on the night.

MCW Fight to Survive
Saturday 15th July 2017
The MCW Arena – Essendon Ukrainian Hall
11 Russell St (Opposite Essendon Station)
Doors 6:30pm. Show 7:30pm.

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