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MCW New Horizons – Complete Line-Up Announced!

With the fallout from MCW Ballroom Brawl becoming the talk of the independent professional world, in particular the post match promo from Will Ospreay, declaring his intentions to take Melbourne City Wrestling to new heights, all eyes are now turning to our return to the Melbourne central area, as we present MCW New Horizons on Saturday August 19th.

A preview video for this event can be viewed online, which aired prior to both Will Ospreay and Jonah Rock capturing the MCW Intercommonwealth, and MCW Heavyweight Championships respectively, and we’re now ready to present the complete line-up for this event.

Full results from MCW Ballroom Brawl can be found here.

First up, the new MCW Heavyweight Champion, Jonah Rock, will defend the title against Dowie James, who is out for redemption, having been cheated out of what appeared to be a surefire victory in the main event of Ballroom Brawl. It appeared Dowie James had Mr Juicy beat, and was ascending to the top rope to deliver what would have been a match ending frog splash, but Jonah Rock emerged, shoving Dowie James to the floor, and choosing to invoke his championship opportunity, which he’d won earlier in the evening by winning the Ballroom Brawl Rumble. Jonah Rock would instead clamber to the top rope, diving off onto Mr Juicy, in order to win the match, as well as the MCW Heavyweight Championship, in a shocking close to the event.

In doing so, Jonah Rock is now the third man to become a triple crown championship holder in Melbourne City Wrestling. The other two are Dowie James and Mr Juicy. While Mr Juicy has been doing some soul searching, including calling on Bullet Club member Bad Luck Fale, who’ll also be appearing at MCW New Horizons, this leaves Dowie James an opportunity to regain the championship that he originally had taken from him by TK Cooper and Dahlia Black, back at MCW Hostile Takeover in June, an event which can be seen online here via MCW Encore.

On August 19th at the Arrow on Swanston ballroom, will Dowie James be able to reclaim his lost championship, which he cherishes more than anything else in the world? Or is the reign of dominance from Jonah Rock only just getting started?

It was a busy weekend for Will Ospreay, as he not only defeated Adam Brooks to win the MCW Intercommonwealth Championship at Ballroom Brawl, but he also defeated Robbie Eagles to capture the PWA Heavyweight Championship the previous evening at an event in Sydney, New South Wales.

Given that both men are now owed rematches, a deal has been struck between the management of Melbourne City Wrestling, and Pro Wrestling Australia, which will see BOTH CHAMPIONSHIPS on the line in a triple threat match!

Yes, thats right… Will Ospreay will be defending both the MCW Intercommonwealth & PWA Heavyweight Championships in a triple threat match, against Adam Brooks and Robbie Eagles!

Wrestling fans and commentators have been raving about both matches involving Will Ospreay from last weekend, so what will happen when The Aerial Assassin faces both men in a bout where everything is on the line? Without hyperbole, it can be said that this will be a spectacle unlike any other! And it all goes down at MCW New Horizons on Saturday August 19th.

In the aftermath of losing his MCW Heavyweight Championship, it was Mr Juicy who called on an unusual ally to help him regain his footing within Melbourne City Wrestling: none other than Bullet Club member “The Underboss” Bad Luck Fale.

TMDK member Damian Slateras quick to ridicule Juicy over Twitter, and as a result, he and former MCW Tag Team Champio Marcius Pitt, have found themselves in an unenviable position at MCW New Horizons, as they’ll face two of the top super heavyweights in professional wrestling today!


Originally scheduled for New Horizons was the long awaited battle between Kelly Anne and Madison Eagles. However, we regret to inform everyone that due to an injury sustained this past weekend, Madison Eagles has had to withdraw from her scheduled match against Kelly Anne. MCW Management have been in contact with Eagles the past few days, and the decision has come following the results of tests which were carried out last night. This is a disappointing outcome, most of all for Kelly Anne, who was hell bent on securing her match with Eagles, and we will aim to reschedule the bout for a later date.

In the meantime, the competition that Kelly has been seeking these past few months will still be heading her way on Saturday night, as she will now compete in a triple threat match against the returning Shazza McKenzie, as well as Bea Priestley, at MCW New Horizons. All of us at Melbourne City Wrestling would like to wish Madison Eagles a speedy recovery.

Finally, six of the top up and coming talents from across Australia will compete in an elimination bout, with the winner going on to become the number one contender for the MCW Intercommonwealth Championship. That match will take place at MCW Collision Course on Saturday September 9, at the MCW Arena in Essendon. Mike Burr, JXT and Nick Armstrong are no strangers to championship glory, with JXT being a former MCW Intercommonwealth Champion, and all three being co-holders of the MCW Tag Team Championships at varying points in their careers. Caveman Ugg has been monstering everyone in his path in New South Wales, whilst Hayden Zenith and Sean Kustom are considered two names worth keeping an eye on in the not too distant future.

MCW New Horizons
takes place on Saturday August 19 at the Arrow on Swanston Ballroom in Carlton. Tickets can be purchased at the venue on the night, but they will be available in limited quantities, and once we’re sold out, we’ll be turning people away. With the matches announced for this event, you can bet that this will be the biggest showcase of the best that Australia has to offer, as well as some of the best from around the world!

MCW New Horizons
Saturday 19th August 2017
The Arrow Ballroom (Arrow on Swanston)
488 Swanston Street, Carlton VIC
Doors 6:30pm. Show 7:30pm.

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