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MCW Encore Update (September 2017)

We’ve been working away on continuing to expand the library included with the MCW Encore subscription service, which you can subscribe to by clicking this link, and we’ve decided to outline some of the many additions to the service over the past week (spanning an added 20 hours of content). MCW Encore is available to professional wrestling fans anywhere in the world, and with a catalogue of close to 90 titles, it is currently the largest professional wrestling video on demand service in the Asia Pacific region.


Our August 5th event at The Thornbury Theatre captured the attention of wrestling fans the world over, as Will Ospreay defeated Adam Brooks to capture the MCW Intercommonwealth Championship in a match that wound up being discussed by famed wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer. That match, along with the rest of a stacked line-up, is included in the MCW Encore subscription service, or you can purchase the title independently here.


Earlier this year, we announced a partnership with Southern Pro Wrestling: New Zealand, which has been making waves as the promotion to watch across the ditch. Now, we’re proud to present their July 2017 event, Queenstown Wrestlefest, as part of MCW Encore, exclusively for subscibers. Several competitors from SPW have competed in Melbourne City Wrestling in the past, including the likes of Marcus Kool, and Taylor Adams.

MCW vs TMDK FEUD – 2016

Over the past week, we’ve transferred seven titles from our back catalogue to the MCW Encore subscription service, from Ballroom Brawl 2016, all the way through to Caged Warfare 2016. This series of events are best known for the violent blood feud between Melbourne City Wrestling and The Mighty Don’t Kneel, who waged war on MCW for much of the year. TMDK members Hartley Jackson, Jonah Rock, Slex and Marcius Pitt ran roughshod over MCW in that time, with many moments and matches that simply have to be seen to be believed.


We’re currently in the process of editing MCW New Horizons 2017, which has been billed as being the biggest event in Melbourne City Wrestling to date. In addition, we only have four more events from 2016 to transfer to the subscription service, at which point we’ll have completed uploading our entire back catalogue of regular MCW events to MCW Encore! Once that’s done, we’ll begin unearthing some gems from the archives which have never seen the light of day, with a few surprises along the way!

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