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Travis Banks Talks MCW & Dowie James Over at SPW


Australian and New Zealand wrestling fans are no doubt excited for the return of the conquering hero, as Travis Bank will return to MCW’s Seven event to take part in the annual ‘Melbourne City Invitational’ tournament, a tournament which last year was won by Ring of Honor’s Marty Scurrl.

What’s more, Banks will be returning with one of the most prestigious titles in the United Kingdom today, The Progress Championship.

Ahead of his return, his former home promotion of SPW got an exclusive interview with the ‘Kiwi Buzzsaw’, in which Banks had some high praise for a certain former MCW Champion:

“MCW was one of the promotions that restored my fire to get out and go places….

… I was feeling very stale, I wasn’t feeling challenged at the time with my wrestling. When I took the bookings for MCW and I got to wrestle Dowie James, we had such a killer match both times it really reignited the flame and gave me the confidence that I could go back overseas.

… it’s such a good experience, a good thing for me, and I can go back and say thank-you and do a good job for them in that regard.”

Read the full interview over at SPW simply by clicking here.

Are you excited for Travis Bank’s return?

Then make sure you join us for MCW Seven on Friday October 13 and Saturday October 14, where Banks will be one of 12 men looking to win the ‘Melbourne City Invitational’ trophy.

>> Tickets can be bought by clicking here! Seeya soon!

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