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MCW Seven Night One: Qualifying Matches for the ‘Melbourne City Invitational’ Tournament

As exclusively first revealed on the new MCW Rewind show starring Miss Rhi and Digital Beard, the first round matches for the two night ‘Melbourne City Invitational’ tournament have been set!

Like last year, we will see the action take place in the MCW Arena in Essendon over two nights; on Friday October 13 and on Saturday October 14.

>> Tickets for the show and location details can be found here!

However, unlike last year we will see MORE entrants, as the field has now been extended from eight, to twelve of the best wrestlers from Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Below are the qualifying matches YOU will see on Night One of MCW Seven!


No doubt it has been an emotional few months for Lochy Hendricks. As a result of having invested so much emotionally into his tag team with KrackerJak (as the World’s Friendliest Bastards), he opened up his trust and home to the mad former MCW Heavyweight Champion.

In return he received not only a mentor, but a partnership and friendship that would see them fend of the dangerous duo of Preston and Payne and win the MCW Tag Team Championship in the process.

Unfortunately as good as the high was, the fall from grace was severe. After losing the championships in embarrassing fashion to The Brat Pack, we would see miscommunication after miscommunication cause The World’s Friendliest Bastards to start unravelling from the seams. However, in a show of incredible common sense, both Hendricks and KrackerJak mutually agreed to separate as a tag team, and enter the tournament as singles competitors.

The question is, after the rocky ups and downs in the tag team division, is Lochy Hendricks ready to re-enter the singles division, and will he be able to handle the pressure that comes with being in the prestigious tournament? His first opponent is a man who is no stranger to long time fans of Melbourne City Wrestling, as he will be going up against RUFIO.

Hailing from Queensland, Rufio was a man who impressed many in MCW, when he made several appearances for the company back in late 2015. But his rise up the ranks nation wide was cut short due to injury, which kept him on the sidelines for a year.

Rufio returns to MCW with much to prove, but so does Lochy Hendricks, who will be accompanied by his girlfriend Emily. With only one man able to move on to the semi finals, who wants this opportunity more?


As discussed with the previous match, KrackerJak has been a roller coaster here in MCW after he returned all the way back at last year’s Ballroom Brawl. Partnering up with the young and hungry Lochy Hendricks no doubt gave KrackerJak not only a new lease on life, but also a fresh perspective in his role as a mentor in wrestling today.

Sadly his team with Hendricks, the ‘World’s Friendliest Bastards’ is no more, and now the former MCW Champion finds himself in the unenviable position to shake off the ring rust, find his killer edge and dive deep into the singles arena.

He will do so against ‘The Player’ Jake Lindo, whose inclusion in the Melbourne City Invitational was met with a lot of curiosity from fans. Lindo is not a man who has had a solid run of luck in MCW. After a string of appearances in 2011 and 2012, he disappeared from professional wrestling altogether, and after resurfacing several years later, has found himself on the line-up at Melbourne City Wrestling on several occasions.

With a real opportunity for Jake Lindo to make a more indelible mark on Melbourne City Wrestling, will he be able to do so against ‘The Mad Bastard’?


What a killer of a draw for both the ‘SuperDow’ Dowie James and ‘Good Time Trouble’ Mike Burr! It will no doubt be an interesting contest of two strikers with two very different philosophies, as the old school and burtal strikes of Burr clash against the faster and innovative strikes of James.

Back at Collision Course, a confident Dowie James would come out fresh from losing his MCW Championship match against Jonah Rock, to proclaim that the only reason last year’s winner, Marty Scurll, won the ‘Melbourne City Invitational’ tournament was because he wasn’t in it. Not only has Dowie James entered this years tournament, but he has vowed to win this year’s tournament and then go on to reclaim “his” MCW Championship off the back of it.

In Dowie James’ head, he NEEDS to win this tournament. In his mind, he has to win or he will lose his place as the top man in Australian wrestling. However despite being the favourite on paper, it is NEVER wise to write off ‘Good Time Trouble’ Mike Burr.

Not that long ago, Mike Burr was staring down the barrel of retirement, with his former protégé Josh ‘The Axe’ Shooter attempting to retire him. Thankfully for Burr, not only did he survive that challenge, but he also exiled the brash Shooter from MCW in a hard hitting bout at Clash of the Titans in April (available here on MCW Encore)

Now Mike Burr is reinvigorated, and alongside his new partner in crime Fun Time Phil, is more dangerous than ever. Burr comes into this match with almost two decades of raw and gritty experience, and a whole host of painful strikes and strong style moves to put down even the biggest of men on the roster.


Still in his early twenties, Michael Richards is a man who is rapidly ascending up the ranks in the world of professional wrestling. A native of New Zealand, Richards is a man who has been hell bent on getting his name out there as much as possible, and that determination has seen him receive tryouts with both WWE and Ring of Honor.

Needless to say, Richards now views Melbourne City Wrestling as the next step on his journey, in order to make a name for himself.

So how appropriate is it that Richard’s first opponent here in MCW will be one JXT; and man who we have no doubts is a true measuring sticks and equal to New Zealand’s JXT equivalent.

JXT has not had a good two months, having both lost and failed to regain the MCW Intercommonwealth Championship. But if you look beyond that you will see that JXT has had a phenomenal year.

As the MCW Intercommonwealth Champion, JXT put himself under tremendous pressure by creating “the sesh”; an open challenge to his championship. Night in and night out, JXT took on and defeated some of the best around the world. From the quickest, to the strongest, to the fiercest, JXT put it all on the line to prove that he was one of the best up and comers in the world today.

Championships come and go, but the ‘Melbourne City Invitational’ only comes around once a year, and if JXT can direct that passion that we saw during his reign as MCW Intercommonwealth Champion, then Richards could very well be a mere speed bump in the road to the trophy.


Poor Emanuelle. When he first came into MCW all the way back in 2015, he came in with so much promise. Coming from a privileged background, he had it all; a successful manager with an incredible track record, a monster of a sidekick in Cousin Ali, top of the line training facilties and his own natural ability and potential.

But it all somehow fade into thin air. That is until he made his return this year as Preston’s new partner in his war against Alan Payne. Emanuelle was back for one reason and one reason only, to prove himself. He wanted to pick the biggest fight he could find and claw back into what he believed to be the top spot that should have been reserved for him during his absence.

And trust us when we say there is no bigger fight than the ‘Melbourne City Invitational’. Twelve of the best, and in two nights he can prove he is the best out of all of them.

However, first he’ll have to get past Robbie Eagles. Hailing from Sydney, we don’t get to see him as often as we would like to here in MCW, but when we do, he lets the MCW family know why he is considered one of the best high flyers in not only Australia, but the world today.

Every time he competes he gives it his all in the ring, often willingly sacrificing his very body to secure victory at any cost.

The last time we saw him he was unsuccessful, but perhaps in losing he truly showed how much heart and potential he has. The match in questions was the sure fire match of the year candidate at New Horizons 2017 (available here on MCW Encore) as he took on both Adam Brooks and Will Ospreay in a fast and furious three way match that proved that Eagles was every bit the equal of his two international counterparts.

Many would say that Eagles is one of the best in the world today, and considering he hung with ‘The Loose Ledge’ and ‘The Aerial Assassin’ you would be a fool to disagree with them, and at ‘MCW Seven’ Eagles can prove it once and for all.


PLEASE NOTE: That since this article was written, Travis Banks has had to pull out due to personal reasons, and has since been replace by WWE UK’s Trent Seven.

Thanks to the luck of the draw, we will see on Night One a match worthy of being the final itself, as the former MCW Champion Mr. Juicy takes on the current Progress World Champion Travis Banks.

The last time Melbourne City Wrestling fans saw Travis Banks was at our Fifth Anniversary Extravaganza in November 2015. Coming out to his infectious music, wearing his baseball cap on backwards and sporting a pair of sun glasses with the price tag still on it, we would see Banks take on Dowie James in a match where if he lost, he would leave MCW.

He lost. But for his career, it was probably one of the greatest things to happen. For months leading up to this match, Travis Banks had been considering to make the daunting decision to leave New Zealand and try his luck in the United Kingdom. By being forced to leave MCW, Banks had the final nudge he needed to make the jump.

And what a jump he made. Travis Banks has held many of the United Kingdom’s top championships from promotions such as Revolution Pro Wrestling, Attack! And Lucha Forever. But perhaps his crowning moment was when he defeated the WWE British Champion Pete Dunne, to capture the Progress Wrestling World Championship, at the promotions biggest event to date only a few short weeks ago.

It’s a far cry for the man who at one point confided with a close friend that he was thinking of giving up professional wrestling altogether. And ironically, who was the man who he confided in? Mr. Juicy.

Mr. Juicy often tells the story of how when driving back from the gym, Travis Banks would torture himself about whether to go to the United Kingdom or to quit wrestling entirely, and he also details the pride he felt when Travis not only made the jump, but became one of the best competing in the UK today.

So how unfortunate is it that only one of these two men can proceed to the second night of the tournament?

And as we’ve seen time and time again, Mr. Juicy will not lay down. Mr. Juicy finally captured his life long dream to become the number one wrestler in Australia today by winning the MCW Heavyweight Championship, and becoming the second man to win the triple crown in company history… a championship that was so cruelly ripped away from him when Jonah Rock cashed in his Ballroom Brawl championship opportunity at Juicy’s weakest moment.

We thought Mr. Juicy would regain the title when he got his fair rematch again ‘The King of Monsters’ Jonah Rock at Collision Course 2017 (available here on MCW Encore), but he was not capable to overcome Rock’s unstoppable force.

The question is this… can Mr. Juicy use this loss last month against Jonah Rock to inspire him to a new challenge, to not only overcome the Progress World Champion, but then take the whole tournament? Or will he doubt himself as a result of the loss, and fall to the very hands and feet of the “Kiwi Buzzsaw”?

Tickets for both nights of MCW Seven are on sale now, and early bird reserved tickets for both events are almost sold out. They can be purchased via this link, but we advise getting in fast.

Friday October 13 & Saturday October 14 2017
The MCW Arena – Essendon Ukrainian Hall
11 Russell St (Opposite Essendon Station)
Doors 6:30pm. Show 7:30pm.

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