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Payne FINALLY Gets Preston at MCW Seven!

The day that Johnathan Preston & Alan Payne first entered Melbourne City Wrestling together, way back in 2015, was a memorable one, as they went on to become one of the most dominating teams in MCW history. Even within their first few months in the company, they caused MCW Heavyweight Champion Elliot Sexton a few issues which almost saw them take the Heavyweight Championship as their own.

With Preston’s calculating and silent madness combined with Payne’s unbridled fury, we saw a tandem that were destined to one day become champions; and indeed they did in record time, when they won the MCW Tag Team Championships back at MCW Final Battle 2016, available to rent or download here on MCW Encore.

Unfortunately this is where the “dream team” would start to fall apart, as although they made formidable tag champs, they were ultimately two very different individuals.

For Preston, it was his arrogance by proclaiming himself THE King of the Tag Team division that undoubtedly rubbed his partner the wrong way. Meanwhile for Payne, his wild and unpredictable persona would see him put up the titles in handicap matches whilst Preston was absent. The two just didn’t seem to be on the same page.

The inevitable happened when Preston & Payne lost the tag team titles to the World’s Friendliest Bastards. Then, just after their rematch at Keep It 100, Preston would turn on Payne, not only starting his war against Payne alone, but bringing back Emanuelle to the fold after almost a year, in the hopes of hatching a plan to remove Alan Payne from Melbourne City Wrestling once and for all.

Sadly for Emanuelle, the “means to an end”, Alan Payne, would dispatch him with his raw power at last month’s Collision Course.

Now Preston has to reap what his has sown. There are no more barriers between Preston and Payne. These two will compete in night two of MCW Seven, on Saturday October 14 at the MCW Arena in Essendon!

Will the wild nature of Payne finally catch up to Preston, or will Johnathan Preston have one last strategy up his sleeve to finally stop the onslaught of Alan Payne at long last?

> Remember tickets are STILL available online for MCW Seven, but not for long! You better hurry and buy your tickets now!

Friday October 13 & Saturday October 14 2017
The MCW Arena – Essendon Ukrainian Hall
11 Russell St (Opposite Essendon Station)
Doors 6:30pm. Show 7:30pm.

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