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MCW Seven Night 1 Results: Trent Seven Vs. Juicy! PLUS… NJPW Are Challenged!

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It’s barely Saturday morning, and already the weekend is on fire! MCW Seven kicked off with 6 qualifying matches for the Melbourne City Invitational which saw 6 men move forward to the ultimate goal of reaching Night 2’s triple threat final.

What’s more, former MCW Champion Slex made a impactful return when he dared to call out New Japan Pro Wrestling itself!

Melbourne City Invitational First Round Match:
Dowie James Submitted Mike Burr to move forward.

Melbourne City Invitational First Round Match: 
JXT pinned Michael Richards with the Retweet.

Melbourne City Invitational First Round Match: 
Krackerjak pinned Jake Lindo after stapling him in the nuts.

Post match, Lindo attempted to entertain the crowd, only to be destroy by Helter Skelter; Jake Andrewartha and Big Ali being led by their new manager Julian James.

Melbourne City Invitational First Round Match: 
Despite a valiant effort, Emanuelle fell to Robbie Eagles’ high flying devildry.

Kellyanne vs. Indi Hartwell
Kellyanne came out to discuss about her feelings that she hadn’t had a chance to take on her nemesis Madison Eagles. However, she was rudely interrupted by the debuting Indi Hartwell. In a impromptu match, Hartwell would upset Kellyanne with a pinfall victory.

Melbourne City Invitational First Round Match: 
Rufio vs. Lochy Hendricks ended surprisingly. When Hendricks received a good luck kiss from his girlfriend Emily, Rufio scored a roll up victory to advance, in the quickest match in MCW history.

Melbourne City Invitational First Round Match: 
In a battle of international heavyweights with a sense of humour, WWE UK star Trent Seven took on MCW’s own Mr. Juicy. After both men hit their high impact offence, it was Trent Seven with a ‘Trent Hammer’ to secure the three count.

Slex’s Announcement: NJPW Has been challenged!
Slex made his return to a MCW ring. He would take shots at everyone and everything, including the UK wrestling scene and the recent visit from Will Ospreay. Eventually he would settle on his real reason for coming out; to dare NJPW to send him a representative for him to destroy. He gave them 24 hours to respond to his challenge.

Intercommonwealth Championship Match
In a match that saw Adam Brooks taken to the limit, Brooks was able to hit the swanton on Caveman Ugg to leave the MCW arena victorious.

Don’t forget MCW Seven is not over!

Saturday night’s show (night two) is still to come, with Matt Cross taking on Jonah Rock for the MCW Championship, and the second round and finals of the Melbourne City Invitational tournament still to take place.

Details of night two of MCW Seven can be seen here.

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