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MCW Seven Night 2 Results: Who Took Home the Trophy? Plus… OKADA!

Photo Credit: Cory Lockwood Photography.

Okada Answers SLEX’s Challenge to NJPW.

First up, the big news… at MCW Seven Night 1, SLEX came out to challenge NJPW to send their brightest and best to face him in a MCW ring. Well NJPW answered… and we will see Okada take on SLEX at our November event, ‘November Rain’. 

> Read the full press release on Okada coming to Melbourne here.

Lochy Hendricks Proposed to Emily! Oh hang on…
Lochy Hendricks came out and invited Emily to the ring. He would drop to one knee as if he was going to propose, but instead dumped her in a humiliating and public manner, befitting for a woman who Lochy feels costed him his opportunity in the tournament on Night 1.

This would bring out KrackerJak, the former tag team partner of Lochy Hendricks. He would beg Lochy not to throw his life away and to stay away from the bitter path he was going down. Lochy, incensed, would accuse KrackerJak of being a hypocrite, and during a heated argument would be slapped by “The Mad Bastard” before storming off.

Second Round Match in the Melbourne City Invitational
Robbie Eagles submitted Rufio with a inverted figure four.

Second Round Match in the Melbourne City Invitational
Trent Seven pinned Krackerjak to advance via the Seven Star Lariat.

Second Round Match in the Melbourne City Invitational
Dowie James defeated JXT via the Rings of Dowie to move on to the triple threat final.

Preston vs. Payne
In a brutal and intense affair, Payne finally managed to overcome Preston with his pure power, despite the attempted interference from Emmanuel.

MCW Heavyweight Championship vs. IWA Heavyweight Championship
In a rare title vs. title contest, we would see the visiting Matt Cross come to MCW to put his title up against MCW’s King of Monsters Jonah Rock. In a heavily even match, Rock was able to put Cross away with the brain buster.

Post match, Rock would demand fiercer competition, upon which Payne would come out to attempt to answer the challenge. The MCW locker room and security emptied out to seperate the two monsters, with many causalities facing the wrath of both men.

Melbourne City Invitational Triple Threat Final
In a match that would see the agility of Robbie Eagles, vs the striking prowess of Trent Seven, and the technical majesty of Dowie James, we would see Eagles effectively eliminated from the contest after eating a top rope pile driver from Seven.

Seven would attempt to do the same to James, but ultimately it would be James with the submission victory over Seven to win the tournament.

Our next show takes place November 11, when the MCW Arena experiences unseasonable November Rain. Click here for tickets.



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