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November Rain: Pick Your Poison Opponents announced

After Adam Brooks potentially cost Robbie Eagles in the final for the MCW Invitational Tournament, at MCW November Rain both men were given the opportunity to pick each other’s opponent.


Robbie Eagles has opted for Adam Brooks’ former tag-team partner, Dowie James in a non title bout. Dowie James won the MCW Invitational Tournament at MCW 7, and will be eager to continue the winning form. Can Adam Brooks use his knowledge of his former tag-team partner to get the pin?


Adam Brooks has picked Robbie’s opponent from MCW 7, Caveman Ugg. Billed from the third cave from the left, Caveman Ugg is a force to be reckoned with. Will Robbie Eagles be able to overcome the man that can lift many boulders?

Adam Brooks vs Dowie James
Robbie Eagles vs Caveman Ugg
MCW November Rain – sold out
Saturday 11 November @ Thornbury Theatre

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