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MCW Final Battle: Lochy Hendricks vs Krackerjak

The past few months have seenĀ The World’s Friendliest Bastards the tag-team comprised of fan favourites, Lochy Hendricks and Krackerjak, part ways, Lochy dumped his love, Emily and Krackerjak pleaded with the ‘Loverboy’ to come home.

But it wasn’t to be. At MCW November Rain, the gauntlet was laid down. A Four Corners of Hell match. If Lochy Hendricks loses, he has to return home to Krackerjak. If Krackerjak loses, his career is over and his forced into retirement.

Is this Krackerjak’s last match? Or will Lochy Hendricks be forced to return home and face the reality of the people he has hurt in his quest to be ‘The Loverboy’.

Get your ticket to the hottest show in town, and our final show for 2017!

MCW Final Battle
Saturday 16 December @ Thornbury Theatre
Tickets available here

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