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MCW Final Battle: Helter Skelter vs JUICE-X-T

Gino “Mr Juicy’ Gambino was the talk of the town at MCW November Rain after he was invited to join one of the most recognised wrestling groups in the world. The Bullet Club. The first Australian member has been riding high since his induction but he hasn’t forgotten the sins of Helter Skelter.

At MCW November Rain Helter Skelter chained Bad Luck Fale to the guard rail, leaving him unable to defend himself or assist his tag team partner for the evening, Mr Juicy. JXT, the former tag partner of Mr Juicy, ran out and made the save.

Helter Skelter were disqualified at November Rain, and now they’ll face the reformed (for one night only!) JUICE-X-T at MCW Final Battle.

Get your ticket to the hottest show in town, and our final show for 2017!

MCW Final Battle
Saturday 16 December @ Thornbury Theatre
Tickets available here

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