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MCW Final Battle: Adam Brooks vs Robbie Eagles

At MCW New Horizons, Adam Brooks pinned Will Ospreay to become the MCW Intercommonwealth Champion and the PWA Heavyweight Champion. Robbie Eagles, the former PWA Heavyweight Champion, moved on to the MCW Invitational Tournament at MCW SEVEN. He reached the finals after defeating Emmanuelle and Rufio, but falling short (courtesy of Adam Brooks’ interference) against Trent Seven and Dowie James in the final.

MCW Management ordered a ‘Pick Your Poison’ series at MCW November Rain, with Adam Brooks choosing Caveman Ugg to face Robbie Eagles, and Dowie James facing former tag-team partner, Adam Brooks, thanks to Robbie Eagles. Both men were defeated in their matches, Adam Brooks providing a convenient distraction costing Eagles his match. Eagles would later repay the favour by pushing Brooks’ foot off the ropes and allowing Dowie James to acquire a submission victory.

Now both men will finally step in the ring with each other, one on one. With both titles on the line, who will leave MCW Final Battle victorious?

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MCW Final Battle
Saturday 16 December @ Thornbury Theatre
Tickets available here

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