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MCW Final Battle: Johnathan Preston vs Emanuelle

At MCW Keep it 100, Johnathan Preston and former tag team partner, Alan Payne failed to reclaim the MCW Tag Team Championship from The World’s Friendliest Bastards, Preston was quick to blame Payne for these losses. In a shocking twist, Emanuelle returned to assist Johnathan Preston and together, the men beat down Payne. Over the last several months, the duo has attempted to intimidate the MCW roster, using any means necessary.

The partnership between Johnathan Preston and Emanuelle dissolved dramatically at MCW November Rain. Preston assaulted Emanuelle with a chloroform soaked rag and blaming him for his lost to Alan Payne at MCW Seven.

Now the two men will step into the ring and settle the score. MCW Management has sanctioned the match between Johnathan Preston vs Emanuelle to happen at MCW Final Battle. With these two, you know it will be a Final Battle, the question is… who wants it more?

Get your ticket to the hottest show in town and our final show for 2017!

MCW Final Battle
Saturday 16 December @ Thornbury Theatre
Tickets available here

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