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MCW Vendetta: Jake Lindo vs Gino ‘Mr Juicy’ Gambino

Fresh off his Wrestle Kingdom 12 debut, Gino ‘ Mr Juicy’ Gambino will be appearing at MCW Vendetta facing off against ‘Your Girlfriend’s Favourite Wrestler’ Jake LIndo.

While not successful in the Wrestle Kingdom 12 rumble, Australia’s first Bullet Club member, Mr Juicy will be seeking redemption after MCW Final Battle’s match against Helter Skelter. The reunion with former tag team partner, JXT, did not go as plan and the ferocious teaming of Big Ali and Jake Andrewartha took advantage.

Who do you think will be victorious in this contest?

Don’t miss out on our first show for 2018!

MCW Vendetta
13 January – MCW Arena
3-11 Russell Street, Essendon
Tickets available at the door

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