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MCW Encore now available on Pivotshare

We are proud to announce that we’ve begun expanding our video on demand service, MCW Encore. In addition to the service currently on Vimeo, which includes every MCW event since our inception, we have now begun uploading our entire back catalogue to a similar page using the Pivotshare network, which can be found here.

Whilst not every event can be found on Pivotshare just yet (so far, we have uploaded our back catalogue dating back to the start of 2015, with a total of over 100 hours of content running time), this will change over the next couple of months, and we have the added bonus of being able to provide content to you from other promotions and networks as well.

The first two groups to join forces with Melbourne City Wrestling are our friends at Southern Pro Wrestling in New Zealand, and the Highspots Network, and already, we are able to offer several documentaries and events from the Highspots catalogue, including their new release documentary on the career of Bruiser Brody, and a shoot interview conducted with the Young Bucks.

Both of our VOD pages will remain updated with MCW titles as they are released, so if you don’t wish to transfer your subscription just yet, you’ll still be able to stay up to date with MCW on Vimeo.

Stay tuned for more exciting content partnership announcements over the coming weeks, as we strive to bring the best of independent wrestling to you, and in return, the best professional wrestling that Australia has to offer to the rest of the world.

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