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MCW Tensions Rising: Mike Burr vs Lochy Hendricks

The Loverboy Lochy Hendricks is flying high after defeating Australian wrestling legends, Krackerjak and Cremator. His new cocky, arrogant attitude has seen the once fan favourite being viewed with disdain by many MCW fans.

At MCW Vendetta, after defeating Fun Time Phil, Hendricks continued his attack post match, leading to ‘Good Time Trouble’ Mike Burr to come out and make the save to his tag-team partner. While Hendricks seized an opportunity to attack Burr while he’s back was turned, if we know Burr will enough – we know he’d be still seething after that attack.

At MCW Tensions Rising, Mike Burr will get his hands on Lochy Hendricks, when he faces him one on one at the MCW Arena.

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MCW Tensions Rising
10 March @ MCW Arena

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