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MCW Tensions Rising: Slex vs Davis Storm

MCW Clash of the Titans saw the MCW Intercommonwealth championship officially change hands after Slex defeated Robbie Eagles in a ladder match. Interestingly, later on in the evening, fans would watch on as Slex interrupt Will Ospreay’s promo after Ospreay declared he wanted his rematch for the belt.

When that match will take place, is unknown (so stay tuned)

In the interim, Slex will have to work hard to keep that belt around his waist, with MCW Management lining up an opponent for him at MCW Tensions Rising. All the way from Perth, Western Australia, it’s Davis Storm.

Davis Storm is no stranger to MCW fans, battling with Lochy Hendricks at MCW Ballroom Brawl in 2017.

Don’t miss a single moment on the road to Ballroom Brawl, tickets are on sale now but online sales will close on Sunday evening.

MCW Tensions Rising
10 March 2018 @ MCW Arena, Essendon


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