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MCW Tensions Rising Results

Saturday 10 March @ MCW Arena

Commentary team: Lord Andy Coyne, Sebastian Walker & Lindsay Howarth

The show opened with Gino ‘Mr Juicy’ Gambino making his way to the ring and asking Dowie James to join him. After putting out the challenge for a match for the MCW Heavyweight Championship at MCW Vendetta, Mr Juicy wanted to know his answer. Dowie James relented, agreeing to the match giving Mr Juicy¬†one last opportunity at the title. The Brat Pack rudely interrupted, and after some mocking – a main event was decided for later that evening – The Brat Pack vs Super Juicy (Dowie James & Mr Juicy).

  • Mike Burr defeated ‘Loverboy’ Lochy Hendricks

The distraction of Fun Time Phil’s announcement of Emily joining Good Time Trouble allowed Mike Burr to take advantage and get the win. After the match, the Loverboy launched into a tantrum.

  • Campbell Crawford defeated Jake Lindo
  • Tome Filip defeated JXT

Mid-match, Elliot Sexton’s music played, getting the attention of JXT. When Elliot Sexton didn’t appear, Tome Filip used this to get the win. After the match, Elliot Sexton’s music played again, a postcard being shown on the MCW Tron a message to JXT, “See you at Ballroom Brawl, bitch!”

Helter Skelter (minus Master Jake Andrewartha) made their way to the ring and called out the Prehistoric Death Cult, including a warning for Erika Reid.

  • Slex defeated Davis Storm to retain the MCW Intercommonwealth Championship
  • Alan Payne defeated Fun Time Phil in the Fun Time open challenge
  • Indi Hartwell defeated Aria

After the match, Indi Hartwell produced the skateboard she stole from Alex Kingston at MCW Clash of the Titans, and prepared to show some tricks she’d learned to the crowd. While she was distracted, Kellyanne made her way to the ring and beat on Indi, forcing her to accept her match challenge for the April double header weekend.

  • The Brat Pack defeated Super Juicy (Dowie James & Mr Juicy)

The constant interference from Avary paid off, as it allowed The Brat Pack to get the win. After the match, Mr Juicy and Dowie James, shook hands. The last time before their match for the MCW Heavyweight Championship at Ballroom Brawl on Saturday 21 April.

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