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MCW Ballroom Brawl: Rumble Entrants

We are excited and proud to announce the following wrestlers that have announced their intention to enter the MCW Ballroom Brawl Rumble.

Tickets on sale now!

Jimmy Havoc

The former PROGRESS champion & tag team champion is in town for the PROGRESS x MCW show the night prior. Why not enter the Ballroom Brawl rumble?

Elliot Sexton

The longest reigning MCW Champion, has been taunting JXT in the recent months since his return to MCW from filming his web-series, Trophy Life. Can he restore to his former championship form?


The two-time runner up of the Ballroom Brawl, the rumble has always evaded JXT. With this playing on his head, and fighting off newcomer Tome Filip and the returning Elliot Sexton, can he refocus his attention?

Tome Filip

With two wins under his belt since debuting at Melbourne City Wrestling, Tome Filip has set his sights firmly on the Ballroom Brawl Rumble. Can he make his mark so soon after his debut?


Who else would you like to see enter the Ballroom Brawl rumble?

MCW Ballroom Brawl @ Thornbury Theatre
Saturday 21 April

Don’t miss a moment!

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