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MCW Ascension Results

After an eventful April that saw two exciting shows at the Thornbury Theatre, the action returned home to the MCW Arena for Ascension.

Lord Andy Coyne comes out to welcome the crowd and go through the scheduled card, shortly before introducing the first match of the night

  • Gino “Juicy” Gambino defeated Campbell Crawford in a non-title match.

Sebastian Walker and Hawko are at ringside for this bout in their respective mens’ corners. Gambino picks up the victory in a very quick, one-sided affair after a piledriver to “Camb”. After the match JXT come out to confront the newly crowned MCW champion. Walker gets on the microphone for the champ and refuses to provide answers to the questions JXT and MCW fans have had for Juicy since his controversial win at Ballroom Brawl.

JXT then speaks from the heart to those in attendance, promising them that he will be champion soon.

  • Tome Filip defeated Jax Jordan via pinfall
  • “Loverboy” Lochy Hendricks and Miami make their way to the ring

The Loverboy has some harsh words regarding his former tag team partner, the returning TD. TD is out to defend himself from the verbal onslaught but is taken out when Miami makes her presence felt, attacking TD in a two on one assault.

  • Vance Adams defeated Mike Burr via countout

A hard-hitting slugfest that saw both competitors go toe to toe, punch for punch, and chop for chop. After the action spilled out of the ring, Burr failed to make it back in before the ten count after some underhanded (and sartorial) tactics from Adams.

  • The Untouchables defeated the Brat Pack w/ Avary

In what was arguably the match of the night, The Untouchables win after Slater gets the pinfall. Post-match, the Brat Pack don’t seem to be on the same page, arguing with one another as Avary attempted to keep the peace.

  • Fun Time Open Challenge

Fun Time Phil comes out and takes in the cheers of the appreciative crowd. He mentions that the past Fun Time Open Challenges haven’t worked out in his favour, but he’s hoping to turn it around tonight.

  • Stevie Filip defeated Fun Time Phil and Jake Lindo via pinfall

After both “The Natural” and “The Playa” answer the open challenge, Filip picks up the win by pinning the now – 0 for 3 Phil

  • Indi Hartwell defeated Erika Reid via pinfall

After scoring the victory, Hartwell attempts an announcement, proving rather unsuccessful to be heard over the chorus of boos the first few times. When she is finally able to get a word in, she declares she will face the returning Tenille Dashwood at MCW Homecoming July 21st.

  • Slex (c) defeated Syd Parker to retain the MCW Intercommonwealth Championship.

“The Jurassic Punk” brought the fight in a big way to “The Business”, proving he is just as fierce a singles competitor as he is a tag-team specialist. Ultimately, it wasn’t enough as Slex trapped Parker, forcing him to tap out to the C.O.B (Close of Business)

Post match, The Untouchables took advantage of a weakened Parker, dishing out even more punishment to one-half of the MCW Tag Champs. The two TMDK members finished their statement on the Jurassic Punk with a challenge for the MCW Tag Team Titles.

We will see that match go down next month, June 9th, at the MCW Arena for Hostile Takeover! With any luck, we will also finally get a statement from Gambino about all the questions surrounding his new alliance and new championship.


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