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MCW 99: Gino Gambino vs JXT

Former tag team partners will clash at MCW 99: The Homecoming when JXT cashes in his Ballroom Brawl win to take on Gino ‘Mr Juicy’ Gambino for the MCW Heavyweight Championship.

We’ve not heard a single word from Gambino since he aligned himself with his mouth piece, Sebastian Walker. At MCW Hostile Takeover, after JXT attempted to yet again confront his former tag-team partner, he was met with a beat down from Helter Skelter and a stinkface from Gambino.

All games are checked at the door for this one. No more playing.

Gino Gambino vs JXT

MCW 99: The Homecoming
21 July 2018
@ Thornbury Theatre

Tickets on sale now!

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