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MCW 99: The Homecoming Results

This past Saturday night, in front of a sold out Thornbury Theatre, Melbourne City Wrestling delivered an action packed show that had the MCW faithful on their feet and screaming their appreciation. For a show entitled “Homecoming”, it was fitting that not only did Tenille Dashwood return to where it all began, but that Will Ospreay and Bea Priestley were welcomed back with much jubilation, along with the re-emergence of a former champion seeking vengeance.

As usual, Lord Andy Coyne comes out to ring to kickoff the show. Right off the bat the fans are met with some unfortunate news: Intercommonwealth Champion Slex has been pulled from the card tonight due to injury. However, all indications say that The Business will be cleared for MCW 100 next month.

Will Ospreay defeated “Loverboy” Lochy Hendricks w/ Miami

An angered Ospreay was able to exact his revenge on Hendricks after weeks of outlandish and personal attacks on the relationship between The Sky King and his girlfriend Bea Priestley. Despite a massive amount of interference from Miami, Ospreay scores the pinfall once Bea comes out to even the score and delivers a couple of shots on Hendricks herself, showing him exactly what she thought of his advances.

Post match, The Aerial Assassin issues a challenge to the absent Slex for a shot at his Intercommonwealth title at MCW 100. Stevie Filip, Slex’s original opponent for tonight, comes out to have words with Ospreay that sets up a match between the two fighters later on in the show to determine the number one contender for The Intercommonwealth Championship.

Tome Filip defeated Alan Payne w/ Julian James via Disqualification.

After heaps of interference from Helter Skelter, Filip is awarded the win when the referee calls for the bell.

Mike Burr defeated Vance Adams in a Strap Match

The War Dog puts his rivalry with Adams to bed in an incredibly violent and decisive manner, scoring the pinfall after a vicious clothesline.

Kellyanne defeated Bea Priestley

MCW’s favourite daughter is able to pin the self-proclaimed Monster after a back-and-forth match. After Priestley makes her way to the back, Kellyanne calls out Madison Eagles for MCW 100.

The Brat Pack w/Avary defeated The Prehistoric Death Cult (c) w/ Erika Reid to win the MCW Tag Team Championships.

In a move that earned one of the loudest reactions of the night, Nick and Mitch shock the crowd by revealing they2ve been on the same page all along, delivering a double low blow to Caveman Ugg and getting the pinfall to win back the belts.

Will Ospreay defeated Stevie Filip

In a match that earned several “This is Awesome” and “Holy Shit” chants from the MCW faithful, The Sky King pinned The Natural in a dazzling display of athleticism that enthralled each and every person in attendance.

Post match, Ospreay gives props to Stevie, echoing the sentiment that has been chanted for months at shows, that Stevie is indeed better.

The Aerial Assassin then promises the fans that he will be the one to close The Business by taking his title, and proudly displaying it on an international scale when he wears it while walking down the aisle in the Tokyo Dome.

Tenille Dashwood defeated Indi Hartwell

Amidst a chorus of “Welcome Back” chants, Dashwood scored the pinfall Hartwell, showing Indi a thing or two about what it truly means to be “impressive.”

Gino “Juicy” Gambino (c ) w / Sebastian Walker defeated JXT to retain the MCW Heavyweight Championship.

This match turns into an all-out brawl in quick fashion, spilling out of the ring and into the crowd. The champion gets the win after a vicious piledriver on JXT onto the exposed planks of the ring underneath the canvas.

Post-match, former champion Dowie James makes a homecoming of his own by appearing out of nowhere and unleashing a furious attack on Gambino before referees and MCW officials pull him off the bloodied champion.

With two blockbuster matches now set in stone for MCW 100, The action and the passion of both the wrestlers and the fans will surely blow the roof off of the supersized Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre on August 18. How will Gambino contend with a vengeful Dowie James on his tail? Will Madison Eagles respond to Kellyanne’s challenge? And will we see a new champion crowned who will carry the MCW brand to a completely different continent in Will Ospreay?

99 Down, make sure you’re there next month for 100!

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