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MCW 100 International Showdown Results

This past Saturday night, Melbourne City Wrestling hosted their biggest event yet at Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Centre, and MCW 100, the culmination of eight years of jaw-dropping, heart-stopping action, was no different. With a taste of international flare and an ex-champion returning for a title rematch, the sell-out MCW crowd was on their feet and screaming for their favourites.

Lord Andy Coyne kicks things off for the MCW loyals, welcoming those from near and far, but no sooner are the words from his mouth that the notorious and always loopy Krackerjak propels himself to the ring. In the same breath that he refers to himself as an Australian legend, Krackerjak reminds the crowd that he was unwillingly forced into retirement by losing to the ‘Loverboy’ Lochy Hendricks. Kracker wants a slice of the pie that is MCW 100, but more importantly, he wants his job back. Management has other plans for him, though; he and Lord Andy Coyne are both reasonable and capable of compromise, so, for tonight, Krackerjak will sit on commentary—but the catch? He can’t get in the ring and he can’t get physical, especially with ‘Loverboy’ Lochy Hendricks.

The Brat Pack (c) w/ Avary defeat The Prehistoric Death Cult w/ Erika Reid to retain the MCW Tag Team Championships.

After last month’s tomfoolery, The Prehistoric Death Cult have a bone to pick with The Brat Pack (pun intended). After a quick start by Syd Parker and Caveman Ugg, the Brat Pack control most of the early match. The crowd is witness to the strength of brotherhood in the Prehistoric Death Cult when Caveman Ugg pushes Syd Parker out of the way to sacrifice himself to a devastating move from the Brat Pack. There’s stones, a brick, a metal trash can, and even a table, but when miscommunication strikes, Erika Reid blasts Caveman Ugg in the face with a mist of blue and receives a sidewalk slam for her troubles. Dissension in the ranks of the Prehistoric Death Cult prove costly, and when Syd Parker turns on Ugg, The Brat Pack walk out as reigning and defending MCW Tag Team Champions.

‘Loverboy’ Lochy Hendricks w/ Miami defeats TD.

The ‘Loverboy’ Lochy Hendricks is only in the ring for seconds when Krackerjack slithers up behind him. He teases a brutal beating, but instead—Kracker tells Lochy that he’s proud of the slimy man he’s become! What just happened…? Kracker returns to his position on commentary and the crowd is torn between confusion and acceptance, because, well, it is Kracker Jack.

TD comes in hot and heavy, and this is very personal for him. The match goes back and forth in favour of each man, and when it looks like Miami will prove useful to Lochy once more, an accidental misstep in communication sends her flying from the apron. TD attempts the sneaky roll-up, but Lochy reverses and with a handful of tights, gets the win.

Bea Priestly (c) defeats Avary and Indi Hartwell to retain the Defiant Women’s Championship.

The ladies in this match put on a clinic of hard hits and impressive wrestling. Avary is taken out early when she’s slung into the metal barricades by Indi, leaving the latter alone in the ring with the champ. Indi’s just getting on top of her adversary when Avary returns the favour, slinging her fellow-Australian into the railings. There’s a bit of back and forth on the outside, but Bea has the last laugh when she propels herself from the top rope to drive her boot’s through Avary’s spine. The ladies also earn the first and only ‘holy shit’ chant of the night, and Bea retains with a defiant stomp to Avary’s head.

Tome Filip defeats Mike Burr, Stevie Filip, JXT, Robbie Eagles, and Bad Luck Fale in a Pick Your Poison match, where the winner gets a title shot of his choosing.

We know this much: Stevie is better, but Tome is smarter. The Filip brother steals Stevie’s thunder when he and Robbie tease a high-flying faceoff, and in what proves as a costly mistake, is saved by his brother, too.

Somewhere along the line, JXT loses a tooth, Robbie and Stevie try to out-do each other, and Bad Luck Fale does what Bad Luck Fale does best: cause a ruckus. Robbie looks to have Mike Burr down and out for the count when Tome slides into the fray from oblivion and steals something else; the win.

Fun Time Phil defeats Jake Andrewartha w/ Helter Skelter in a Fun Time Open Challenge.

You read that right—Phil won his first open challenge! After a tedious start and a crowd full of love for an anxious Phil, Aria and Men for Hire convince Phil that he’ll do great no matter who he faces… until Helter Skelter walk to the ring. The bell rings, but, before the match starts, Alan Payne takes the microphone and dedicates a shirt to the ‘best dad ever’ to Julian James. Using the distraction to his advantage, Phil runs towards Jake and rolls him up for the one, two, three! The crowd is on their feet for Phil, and full of pride, Aria confesses her love in the form of a little smooch, which Phil returns gleefully. Ah, love.

Gino Gambino (c) w/ Sebastian Walker defeats Dowie James to retain the MCW Heavyweight Championship in a First Blood Match.

This one’s personal, folks—Gino walks to the ring in a stony silence and chilly reception, and Dowie is off to a fast start. Three leaps from the ring prove one too many, and Gino takes advantage by slamming James into the railings. The match spills to the outside early and Gino takes a moment to expose the flooring, but the match soon returns in favour of the former champ. He tosses the steel stairs into the ring, and after some more back and forth, throws a ladder in as well.

Gambino turns things back in his favour and throws chairs, chairs, and more chairs into the ring, only to have James turn the tables and superplex him into them. Gambino gets his payback by exploding a chair quite literally over James’ head. When the referee is injured, Gambino hits James with a low-blow and takes apart the ring in an attempt to scalp James. James mounts a comeback, only to have ‘Loverboy’ Lochy Hendricks run interference and cost him the match. What?!

When Dowie James is the first to bleed, Gino Gambino walks out with the MCW Heavyweight Championship firmly around his waist.

Kellyanne Fiend defeats Madison Eagles.

Kellyanne was more than ready to face the Queen of Australian wrestling in Madison Eagles, but the respect that Kellyanne wanted to show is shoved back in her face when Madison gives her a different kind of bird.

When Madison Eagles gets her opponent in a shoulder hold early-on, Kellyanne screams “this is all I ever wanted!”, and honestly… same.

What more is there to say about this match than wow… words won’t do this one justice, kids. Go watch.

Slex (c) defeats Will Ospreay to retain the MCW Heavyweight Championship.

The semi-main event of MCW 100, AKA the match that shook the roof off! With superplexes, (or, more affectionately known as superSlexes when performed by Slex), a Susuke special, and a fashion contest in-between the action to decide who best wears the ‘business’ sunglasses. Not only did Slex kick out of an Oz-cutter, he won a hard-fought, back-and-forth battle of the ages against a former IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion, a match so well-paced it had the crowd screaming “fight forever”.

Slex proved to the MCW loyals just why he’s the cream of the crop, and one of the best that Australian wrestling has to offer. This one’s a match you don’t want to miss!

And, after all is said and done, Slex and Ospreay share a moment of true sportsmanship with a fist-bump.

As Slex says—business sure is booming.

Before the final match is underway, the big screens reveal a promo of the Loose Ledge Adam Brooks, announcing his return for MCW Fight on September 8th.

Tetsuya Naito defeats Jonah Rock.

The International Showdown that pit Jonah Rock against the Los Ingobernables de Japon leader Tetsuya Naito was one fought with disrespect and disdain. A slap to the back of Rock’s head early on only fuelled his fire, and the contempt from both men directed at each other made every move that much harder.

Alas, tranquilo… Naito’s easy-going speed was at times too much for Jonah to contend with, but when Jonah counters an attempt at a top-rope Frankensteiner with a powerbomb, Naito becomes the subject of Jonah’s unbridled strength.

This all-out onslaught by two international wrestlers stole the breath from MCW loyals, but ultimately, Naito’s Destino was too much for Jonah to contend with.

And that’s all she wrote for MCW 100: International Showdown! Make sure to tune into MCW Fight to Survive—we look forward to seeing you there!

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