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MCW Fight to Survive: The Dow-Dawgs vs Team Gene

The main event for MCW Fight to Survive on Saturday September 8 has been announced, and we’re proud to announce that we’ve got two teams of five who’ll fight to survive in a ten man elimination match!

TEAM GENE will be captained by the MCW Heavyweight Champion, Mr Juicy – Gino Gambino. Along with Sebastian Walker and Julian James, his partners will be all three members of Helter Skelter, plus Loverboy Lochy Hendricks – Pro Wrestler!

THE DOW-DAWGS will be captained by Dowie James, who teams with Robbie Eagles, Fun Time Phil, TD and JXT!

We’re throwing back to a golden era of professional wrestling with this one, and we want all of you to get into the spirit! More announcements are coming soon, and tickets are on sale now.

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